Just how important is the health of Johan Santana for Mets’ success in 2013?

One of the Mets’ perceived strengths heading into the 2013 season is the makeup and depth of their rotation. With the Mets expected to get consistent, reliable seasons from the likes of R.A. Dickey, Jonathon Niese and Matt Harvey, the health and reliability of Johan Santana could be the major wild card for success for [...]

Can the Mets count on Johan Santana in the second half?

For once, the Mets’ beleaguered bullpen cannot be blamed for another tough, gut-wrenching defeat, when on Friday night the Mets fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-6. The Mets have now dropped eight out of their last ten. Ironically, it was the Mets’ bullpen that kept the team in Friday’s affair, as four Mets’ relievers [...]

Devil’s Advocate: Mets should be sellers and trade Johan Santana

I’m playing the Devil’s Advocate and exploring a line of thinking that doesn’t necessarily gel with what I want the Mets to do or think they’ll do.  Instead, let’s see if there is any sense in the Mets looking at 2012 as a rebuilding and retooling year.  Now… the Mets can and should still look [...]

Sizing up potential Met All-Star candidates

In just about a month’s time (July 10 in Kansas City) the mid-summer night classic-better known as the MLB All-Star game-will commence, bringing both great fanfare and controversy along the way. Despite your feelings about the game itself, it is always an honor to be selected for the annual event. As fans of the game, [...]

Dickey and Santana and pray for manna

R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana have pitched back-to-back shutouts in the past two games for the Mets, becoming the first two pitchers to accomplish the feat since … Dickey and Santana in 2010. Both pitchers have had less than great luck in picking up Wins in their tenure with the Mets, due to poor offensive [...]

Santana no-hitter captivates New York; sets Twitter ablaze

Just call him No-Han! Well, it FINALLY happened! After waiting through 8,019 games Johan Santana finally achieved the Mets’ first no-hitter on Friday night in thrilling fashion. It was as much exhilarating as it was exacerbating, as Santana kept mowing down Cardinal hitters while also accumulating an alarming pitch count. The game was rife with [...]

Santana progressing nicely for the Mets

One of the biggest storylines heading into training camp for the Mets this spring for was the anticipated return of Johan Santana. After another fine performance on Wednesday, Santana is turning heads for his ability to consistently throw strikes and remain sharp after recovering from major shoulder surgery. Santana has had no setbacks in his [...]

Mets Notes: Cedeno, Hairston, 40-man issues and CRG

The Mets have reached agreement with infielder Ronny Cedeno on a one-year deal, worth just north of $1 million. The Mets had no backup shortstop on the roster so Cedeno certainly fills a need. He’s very good insurance in case Ruben Tejada regresses or if Daniel Murphy gets injured again. Cedeno is not much with [...]

Johan Santana and the dreaded rotator cuff

There’s no question that when Johan Santana pitches, he is one of the best in baseball. The problem is that “when” part of the statement. Santana joined the Mets in 2008, and every year he has dealt with injury problems. After the 2008 season we learned that Santana had a torn meniscus, and had thrown [...]

Mets Card of the Week: Happy Columbus Day

HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY FROM CARD OF THE WEEK A quick Columbus Day holiday greeting from COTW, in convenient card form... For those of you scoring at home, that would be NINo EspinosA Joe PIgNaTAno Johan SANTAna MARIo RAmirez Nino Espinosa Joe Pignatano Johan Santana Mario Ramirez