Like it or not, David Wright is back!

With his first inning two-run home run off Cole Hamels on Friday night, David Wright emphatically stated he was back. After missing nearly seven weeks with a strained hamstring, Wright returned to the lineup on Friday against the Phillies, assuring he will suit up for the next ten games. The newly-minted captain, didn’t want to [...]

Mets’ All-Star hopefuls reach final push

With the All Star game a little more than two weeks away, prospective Mets’ all-star hopefuls have two more weeks to showcase their skills for the Mid-Summer Classic, which, as you all should know, is being held at Citi Field. The last time the Mets hosted the All-Star game was back in 1964. Just how [...]

David Wright, now would be a good time to step up

 Are you giving it all she's got, Captain? Not that David Wright is having a sub-par year; far from it, as Wright is hitting .308 with three home runs and 20 RBI’s. As usual, Wright is producing at the clip we are accustomed to seeing from him. However, with the Mets having dropped seven out [...]

Roundtable: David Wright’s 2013 (and longer) forecast

After a two-month hiatus, it’s way past time for a Roundtable!  I reached out to friends in the blogosphere to answer the following questions: Were you in favor of the David Wright extension? What do you expect him to produce in 2013? These people all do great work and their names are hyperlinked to their [...]

Where is the truth in the Mets/David Wright contract negotiations?

There is certainly a lot of buzz emanating from Queens these days in regards to David Wright’s contract negotiations. Per MetsBlog, WFAN’s Mike Francesca says that he has sources (inside Mets’ offices) saying that the offer the Mets made to Wright, a deal which is reportedly worth $135-140 million for seven years, is legit and [...]

Voting on David Wright

Lots of David Wright news going on recently so let’s talk about that and get you to share your opinions. If you recall, Wright had the best first half of any third baseman but a late push from the San Francisco voters gave the starting All-Star game nod to Pablo Sandoval. Wright was selected to [...]

In a world where David Wright is wrong

Up is down, black is white is short is long and everything that you thought which was SO important, doesn’t matter. These prophetic words were sung by Weird Al Yankovich in his Album, Bad Hair Day.  The reality remains that with or without David Wright, the Mets are far from being a World Series competitor.  [...]

Hey, Mets! Lock up David Wright long-term already!

There is no other way to sugarcoat it. The Mets appear to be stringing along the end of the season. While it was nice for the Mets to actually score some runs and play spoiler on Friday night by defeating the Milwaukee Brewers 7-3, the Mets are once again headed towards a losing season defined [...]

The Mets, David Wright and the road less traveled

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,  And sorry I could not travel both               And be one traveler, long I stood              And looked down one as far as I could   To where it bent in the undergrowth;                Then took the other, as just as fair,         And having perhaps the better claim,     Because it [...]

Sizing up potential Met All-Star candidates

In just about a month’s time (July 10 in Kansas City) the mid-summer night classic-better known as the MLB All-Star game-will commence, bringing both great fanfare and controversy along the way. Despite your feelings about the game itself, it is always an honor to be selected for the annual event. As fans of the game, [...]