Mets miss boat not trading Bartolo Colon

Surely you were aware the New York Mets were tied to trade rumors leading up to the waiver-trade deadline, with Bartolo Colon's name being front and center. With the Los Angeles Angels losing Garrett Richards for the foreseeable future, and them needing a quality, veteran arm, they needed another good arm for the stretch run. [...]

Quick Hitter: Eric Young Jr. getting right in the swing of things

While his contact skills and batting average (.231) is nothing to write home about, there is no denying the fact that Eric Young Jr. is a bonafide spark plug at the top of the Mets' batting order. Maybe he doesn't get on base at the best of clips (.319 OBP) either, but Young Jr. does [...]

What’s the value of Bartolo Colon heading forward?

It was fun watching Bartolo Colon on Wednesday afternoon. And no, I'm not talking about him legging out a double and scoring from second base moments later when Eric Young Jr. knocked him in with his own double. Ok, maybe I am. After all, Colon is fun to watch run the bases. No, Wednesday was [...]

Trading David Wright? What the what?

There has been talk festering throughout the Mets' blogosphere that the Mets should admit that they are going nowhere fast, swallow their pride and trade David Wright away for prospects while he still has some value. Wait, what? You mean trading the franchise and the effervescent face of the franchise? Well, before we dismiss it [...]

Quick Hitter: When do Mets Consider Demoting Travis d’Arnaud?

After Friday night's game in San Francisco, Mets' catcher Travis d'Arnaud is now sporting a pathetic .180/.271/.273 slash line. Yuck! Ever since being the centerpiece in the trade for R.A. Dickey with the Toronto Blue Jays, we have been led to believe that d'Arnaud was one of the better, if not the best, catching prospects [...]

Chris Young: Hit Home Runs and We’ll be Alright

Chris Young's overall numbers don't paint a rosy picture. His dropped flyball in the bottom of the 14th inning in Friday night's 6-5 loss to the Phillies will not endear him to Mets' faithful either. Life for Young has not been so great in his first year with the Mets. A meager .205/.290/.368 slash line [...]

What do you know? Jenrry Mejia is thriving in the bullpen

While some in the Mets' circle (be it fans, media, what have you) begrudgingly did not like the fact that Jenrry Mejia was taken out of the rotation and put in to the bullpen, you really can not argue with the results. Ever since going to the bullpen on May 12 after going 3-0 with [...]

How long is the leash for Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom?

After losing yet again last night, falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3, the Mets find themselves once again in last place. After a decent start to the season, they were 15-11 on April 29, the Mets have lost 14 of their last 19 games and are now five games under .500, while occupying the [...]

Pushing the #FreeLagares campaign

There is a #FreeLagares hashtag trending on Twitter and Facebook as I speak. With each mention of this hashtag, the intensity for the Mets to free outfielder Juan Lagares from the bench is becoming increasingly noticeable and palpable. Yet another day goes by and Lagares is still sitting, as he was on the bench again [...]

How long will Lucas Duda’s job be safe?

With the New York Mets calling up Wilmer Flores and toying with the idea of replacing Jenrry Mejia in the rotation, the team is certainly trying to mix things up and give the team an added boost. Will there be any other moves? Who's jobs are safe? One such player who has to start pulling [...]