Bartolo Colon 2Surely you were aware the New York Mets were tied to trade rumors leading up to the waiver-trade deadline, with Bartolo Colon‘s name being front and center.

With the Los Angeles Angels losing Garrett Richards for the foreseeable future, and them needing a quality, veteran arm, they needed another good arm for the stretch run. Heck, at this point of the year many playoff-hopeful teams (think Mariners, Yankees, Giants, etc.) could have also used a veteran picture for the stretch run. Thus, Colon’s value was immeasurable in the final days leading up to the deadline. But he wasn’t traded.

And the Mets blew it.

Considering the Mets are 10 games under .500 and for all intents and purposes done for the 2014 season, what value does Colon have for the Mets? The money that could have perhaps been saved and what return (granted, he wouldn’t have brought in an all-star level prospect) Colon could have produced is better than sitting idly, no?

As has been stated numerous times and ad nauseam, the Mets 2015 rotation will be deep and they could have afford to let go of Colon. The Mets already have a stable of arms that includes Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jacob deGrom, Dillon Gee, Jonathon Niese, Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero. New York could plausibly afford to trade both Colon and one of the above and still be in good shape.

Perhaps the Mets will act in the offseason. They better.

The Mets primary problem has been their hitting and has been for years. What good is hoarding pitching when you can’t maximize its appeal, while trading some of it away for good hitting. Especially when you clearly need it?

At 41, Colon is not getting younger and he doesn’t exactly fit the profile the model the Mets should be building on (which is on youth) as they head into the 2015 season. If you want to keep a veteran, I get that, but why not just keep Niese than. At least he is a lefty; the only capable lefty in the bunch until Steven Matz is ready.

Look, it’s understandable you shouldn’t just give away Colon, but if the Mets can save a few bucks, get a decent prospect and go into 2015 with a rotation of any five of the guys mentioned above, the Mets should be set to contend.

Sandy Alderson, through his warts and all, is a smart man. But, to sit by and do nothing once again, you have to question his motives. I guess some contending teams would not meet his demands regarding Colon.And maybe those demands will be met in the offseason. Mets fans will surely be waiting with baited breath to see some trade unfold.

At this point in the season, many teams are desperate and that is where Alderson should have preyed on  GMs vulnerability. After all, may people predicted that Alderson would flip Colon this year. Alas, he did not pull the trigger. All that does is set up more questions than answers.

True, there is a lot to like about Colon. He’s a savvy vet who knows how to mix his pitches and is good guy in the clubhouse. However, time is not on his side and an eventual regression (if it hasn’t happened already) may come. Probably sooner than later.

Still, the Mets might have missed the boat by keeping Colon. We’ll see how Alderson addresses this situation of excess pitching this winter. He’s got a lot to make up for after another disappointing season.

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18 comments on “Mets miss boat not trading Bartolo Colon

  • Steevy

    Great in the clubhouse,hard on the clubhouse spread.

  • Metsense

    The Mets have only four starting pitchers that make more than the major league minimum. Colon $9M ($11M), Niese $5M ($7M), Gee $3.6M (arb elg), and Matsuzakis 1.5M (free agent). . The obvious move is trade Colon , trade Niese or Gee, let Matsuzakis walk, non tender EY JR and his $1.8M salary, use CY’s $7.25M and Ike’s salary $3.5M and you have at least $26.65 to put toward that corner OF and shortstop.
    The key is that Colon’s $11M needs to be freed up. Colon is too expensive for the Mets at a position that they have depth. (Similar may be said of Dan Murphy also) Signing Colon to a two year contract was apparently a mistake. It is similar to the mistake that was previously made when Frank Fransisco was signed to a two year contract. The two year Colon signing never made sense to me.

    • pete

      But Metsense the Mets have 10 players who are eligible for arbitration. Minus EY as you recommend (and I agree) that total may well reach 25 million for those 9 players Colon has to moved. The team need to apply that money towards LF Add 11 roster spots at league minimum puts the team at about 74 million. Alderson needs the flexibility so they can have the option of adding a FA shortstop to his shopping list.

  • Craig Wolff

    I agree with you completely. Unless the Mets feel that after September 1st they will get a better player from somewhere, but I do not thing it makes sense. This a typical Mets non- move.

  • Jerry Grote



    starting pitcher traded after Colon passed through waivers? What makes anyone think that there was even a team making an offer on him?

    ~Jerry Grote

  • pete

    Dan the Mets primary problem is the Wilpons inability to be competent investors

  • TexasGusCC

    I have a different point of view. Keeping Colon’s lesser trade value allows the Mets to trade Gee’s greater trade value. By putting Murphy and Gee together, the Dodgers and Giants should be very interested. Then moving Niese (I don’t care that he’s the only lefty, he’s inconsistent and always injured) and say a prospect like Plawecki to the Rangers for Profar.
    Therefore, Colon’s value is not taken in trade value but in flexibility to move other players.

    • pete

      I wonder if the Rangers would be willing to take on say 13 million additional dollars for giving up control of Profar? Texas has 7 players eligible for arbitration and already has committed 109 million for 2015 in 9 players (not counting Rios). I can see this possibly happen if the Rangers decide to buy out Rios’ final year and apply the 12.5 million dollars they save towards Gee and Murphy.

  • Bob F

    You talk about the money, but Colon’s $11M is less than Syndergaard will be making in his 6th season, which they can push out another year by having Colon start 2015 with the Mets.

    • blaiseda

      Great response. So many fans post about money when they don’t understand the true picture. It’s usually not about now.. it’s about a few years (in this case 6) down the road.

      • TJ

        While I agree that the money impact should be measured over years, not just next year, there is little or no connection between Colon’s $11 million in 2015 and Syndergaard’s theoretical salary in 2020. Barring a flurry of injuries at the end of sprig training next year, the Mets will almost certainly put him in Vegas for April, with or without Colon. Then, Syndergaard’s performance will dicatate when he arrives in Queens. Should he dominate April in Vegas, the Met need will likely outweigh the super 2 cost of a call up before June. Next year is make or break for this administration and this franchise.

  • pete

    By then Bob the Mets will be have no fans to worry about. So in what decade would you like to see the Mets eventually turn the corner? Has it come down to where we as Met fans are happy for a mediocre pitcher who can eat up innings? Last year Colon pitched to an ERA under 3 with the A’s in the American League. He is currently pitching to a 4.01 in the weaker NL where he doesn’t face a DH and where the 8th spot and most opposing pitchers are automatic outs.

    • Bob F

      Next year. With Harvey and a healthy Wright, I believe the Mets will contend if they have no major injuries. Plus, I don’t think Granderson will be as dreadful as he was at times this season and there’s no Chris Young to take at bats away from a more deserving player.

      • pete

        But we’ll still have TC to make sure the kids don’t get too much playing time. If the Mets are going to truly compete then you have to start with the manager.

        • TexasGusCC


  • oliver

    I have a really hard time believing there was really any potentially valuable return besides a salary dump. His value could skyrocket this winter if SP salaries continue their upward trend.

  • Patrick Albanesius

    I think Colon’s value is a thing of the moment. I don’t think we’ll have as eager an audience as we just did this weekend for him, but I do think some team will welcome him into their rotation for a prospect, even with the contract.

    • Jerry Grote

      Yes. And my guess is that he will have to come back for spring training, throw a few ball games and perhaps the entire spring training and he’ll be traded to some team that had a devastating TJ injury in their rotation.

      Here’s hoping that team doesn’t wear blue and orange.

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