FreeJaunLagaresThere is a #FreeLagares hashtag trending on Twitter and Facebook as I speak. With each mention of this hashtag, the intensity for the Mets to free outfielder Juan Lagares from the bench is becoming increasingly noticeable and palpable.

Yet another day goes by and Lagares is still sitting, as he was on the bench again on Friday night.

Sometimes Mets’ fans can get carried away with their demands and antics, but this campaign certainly has its merit. You don’t bench an outfielder like Lagares, plain and simple.

Sure, the Mets spent some money in the offseason to acquire Curtis Granderson and Chris Young, while also having spark plug Eric Young on the roster. But, Lagares should not be the one left out in this outfield rotation. When you got a player that can play the outfield the way Lagares does, you don’t let that talent rot on the bench. You play him every day in center and just marvel at what he can do for you

It’s not like Lagars has proven to be one dimensional. After all, he does sport an impressive .296/.336/.439 slash line to go with 11 extra-base hits and 11 RBI’s in 98 at-bats. With Lagares past his hamstring issues, that sidelined him a little more than two weeks earlier in the season, it’s time to take the training wheels off and get Lagares back out there ever day.

Seriously, what’s the hold up?

While Eric Young is not the greatest hitter (.236/.326/.325), when he does get on base, though, he causes havoc. I mean, how can you ignore the 28 runs (tied for sixth in the NL) and 15 stolen bases (second in the NL)? So, it’s natural to want to have him in the lineup at leadoff and in left field, considering the damage he does on the basepaths.

Then in right field there is Granderson, who is finally coming around. While he won’t hit for average (.194), he will give you some pop and he is 7 for his last 25 with two home runs and six RBI’s. He now has five home runs and 19 RBI’s on the year. By the end of the year, you will get what you paid for in Granderson, and that is close to 25 home runs and 90 RBI’s to go along with solid outfield play.

That leaves center field down to Lagares and Chris Young.

Sure, the Mets signed Young in the offseason to a 7.25 million-dollar deal, but the primary agenda should be putting the best lineup out there every day and winning. It’s pretty evident that Lagares is the vastly superior defender, and as of now, looks like the better hitter at the moment too, seeing as though Young is only posting a mediocre .222/.285/.388 slash line. While Young has more pop in his bat, that shouldn’t constitute giving more time than Lagares. Yet, Terry Collins gives us lip service that he is benching Lagares in favor of more offense. Puh–LEASE!

The two definites in the Mets outfield should be Granderson (perhaps sitting him sometimes against real tough lefties) in right and Lagares in center, while going with the hot hand between the Young’s in left.

So, consider this an impassioned plea to the Mets’ front office and Collins: get your heads out of your you-know-what’s and finally #FreeLagares.

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7 comments on “Pushing the #FreeLagares campaign

  • Metsense

    The Mets have four outfielders for three positions. Only one of the outfielders are playing above average over the course of the season and that is Lagares. Over the course of the the last seven games, if you prescribe to the hot hand theory, then the starting OF, based on OPS should be

    • Metsense

      (Continued) EY-Lagares-Granderson. EY is actually playing right to his carreer slash numbers for the season and Lagares offensively is playing better than was expected. CY and Granderson have been dissappointments. Brian wrote an article this spring about average playing time for outfielders and one of the conclusions was that teams need four outfielders. Lagares is the only outfielder that has earned a full time status, but even in his case a good manager would pick the spots to sit him. Lagares should not have been sitting the last 5 games. TC doesn’t like to rotate or platoon his players and I believe that is a fault of his, especially with a roster of underachieving offensive players. TC has taken an almost positive (you can’t call it positive with CY’s and Granderson’s production) and turned it into a negative. TC has no innovation and no imagination. He is too old school for my liking.

  • Peter Hyatt

    Its awkward to criticize a major league manager with the years that Terry Collins has, but when he speaks ripping up the English language, it is tempting. I know we all second guess decisions, which is part of the fun of sport watching, yet his decisions often irk me. His talk of offense while Flores sits, and Granderson inches closer and closer to the numbers of Jason Bay…

    I can only wonder if there is something wrong with Juan L that Collins is trying to keep from the media; otherwise his quotes look so terribly foolish.

    I do not find Terry Collins “old school.” Old School does not have power hitters bunting, and Old School would have had Juan L playing through the mini slump.

  • Wilponzi

    Lairs, lairs lairs, incompetence, and stupidity has been shown in the ownership and management of this team for the last 8 years. They have ruined careers, have no respect for there fan base. Maybe its time for a divorce.

  • Larry Rothstein

    Lagares should play every day terry collins should be fired

  • Rob

    Finally I have had it. Bring up Flores only to let him sit on the bench. Daily say one thing and contradict it that night. Enough. Now sitting their best player. If Collins worked in the real world, he would have been on unemployment months ago.

  • Larry Rothstein

    Best lineup for the mets . The everyday players should be Eric young Juan Lagares Daniel Murphy Davis Wright Curtis granderson Eric Campbell Flores Andrew recker minus terry collins.

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