How long is the leash for Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom?

After losing yet again last night, falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3, the Mets find themselves once again in last place. After a decent start to the season, they were 15-11 on April 29, the Mets have lost 14 of their last 19 games and are now five games under .500, while occupying the [...]

Jenrry Mejia’s struggles could lead to promotion of Montero and or deGrom

Like it or not, Jenrry Mejia may be ticketed for the bullpen after all. Reports are surfacing that the New York Mets are strongly considering the idea of promoting either Rafael Montero and/or Jacob deGrom and using one of them in the rotation while pushing Mejia to the bullpen and possibly grooming him to be [...]

Should Mets try experimenting putting Montero and deGrom in the bullpen?

John Harper of the Daily News had an interesting proposition for the New York Mets the other day in his column, which you can read here, and that was exploring the idea of putting guys like Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom in the bullpen given the current anemic state of the relief corps. As it [...]