EY JrWhile his contact skills and batting average (.231) is nothing to write home about, there is no denying the fact that Eric Young Jr. is a bonafide spark plug at the top of the Mets’ batting order.

Maybe he doesn’t get on base at the best of clips (.319 OBP) either, but Young Jr. does cause havoc when he does get on base. Even though he missed nearly three weeks of action, Young Jr.’s 17 stolen bases still rank tied for fourth in the NL.

And ever since he came off the disabled list on June 16, he has hit in five straight games, going 6-for-19 in the process. Since he has assumed the lead-off spot in the last three games, the Mets have gone 2-1, and he was very instrumental in helping stop the bleeding on Wednesday in a win over the Cardinals, going 2-for-4 with two doubles with two RBI’s and a run.

Obviously, his shortcomings will rear their ugly head sooner or later, but for a team that has trotted out Daniel Murphy, Juan Lagares, Ruben Tejada, Curtis Granderson, etc. at lead off, Young is clearly the best option the Mets have.

His meager slash line (.228/.317/.316) wont get him in the Mets’ hall of fame, but his speed and athleticism atop the Mets’ lineup seems to energize this team. Sure, a lot of players on this Mets’ team have their faults, but some of the assets that Young Jr. possesses are too hard to ignore and they somewhat overshadow his deficiencies .

When Lagares is ready to come back, Young Jr. should still stay in the lineup and atop the order. His surname namesake Chris Young is the one who should grab some pine, as that signing has proved to be misguided.

Again, the presence of Young Jr in the lineup will not make or break the Mets, but with his inclusion in the lineup, he gives the Mets their most optimal lineup.

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7 comments on “Quick Hitter: Eric Young Jr. getting right in the swing of things

  • Larry love

    True they should have won Friday night he did his part. But terry collins didn’t challenge call at second base when looked like Tehada tagged out runner. Wright should not been sent home could have been bases loaded one out. In the ninth inning u don’t play for tie on the road. Tehada bunting new unhorse to third base

  • Metsense

    When Lagares comes back with his 337 OBP he belongs at the top of the order. The optimal lineup also includes Abreu with his 783 OPS over EY’s 637. EY is an elite baserunner and should be used primarily as a pinch runner in the late innings. I also consider him the 4th OF and he should get some starts to rest Abreu but in the 7th hole where his speed is optimally utilized. I do agree with you that CY belongs on the pine.

  • Jerry Grote

    “the best lead off hitter the Mets have”? Hardly.

    You might prefer to bat Granderson elsewhere, but there is absolutely no doubt that he’s the best. Moreover, the argument could be made that Murphy is better at leadoff although its less clear.

    A team devoid of hitters needs both of them around the middle of the order, but those are facts and incontrovertible.

  • Peter Hyatt

    Lots of talk about Chris Young’s fly to left, throwing out Kirk at home…

    I wonder: since it was a right handed pitcher, and since it was the bottom of the ninth, and since we needed the tying run in, and since Chris Young is not even batting his weight…

    Could Collins have pinch hit Young?

    I didn’t hear this as part of the discussion, as the throw took precedence in the conversation.

  • Peter Hyatt

    listening to Terry Collins butcher the English language is maddening.

    If you want to have some fun, however, there is one thing to do when he speaks:

    Follow the pronouns.

    Pronouns are instinctive. We’ve used them millions of times and take no pre thought.

    Rarely does he ever take responsibility for anything and his hyperbolic praise of every player is gratuitous and over the top.

  • Name

    Right… so the Mets won 2 out of those 3 because the almighty EY was batting leadoff. It had nothing to do with the fact that Colon and Wheeler each had their best start of the season… nope it was all EY.

    • Dan Stack

      That not really what I was implying. Of course the pitching of Colon and Wheeler is why we won those games.

      I was insinuating, that he gives the team a surge at leadoff. He brings energy, passion and athleticism when he is in there.

      And yeah guys like Lagares, Murphy and Granderson will inevitably put up better numbers, but they need to be in the middle of the lineup, especially Granderson and Murphy.

      Like I said EY’s inclusion in the lineup (leadoff or not) won’t make or break the Mets, but he causes havoc when he plays and I like what he brings to the table.

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