David Wright 3With his first inning two-run home run off Cole Hamels on Friday night, David Wright emphatically stated he was back.

After missing nearly seven weeks with a strained hamstring, Wright returned to the lineup on Friday against the Phillies, assuring he will suit up for the next ten games. The newly-minted captain, didn’t want to sit idle and watch his teammates continue to struggle. He just had to contribute.

While some of the Mets’ faithful wanted Wright to be shutdown in order to prevent any further injury, it is not in Wright’s DNA to sit when he can play. Although, these last 10 games are of little significance to the Mets, it’s nice to know that Wright is willing to play despite the circumstances.

As a captain, sometimes you have to lead by example and if Wright is healthy, why not play? You owe it to your team to go out there and give it your all. While these last ten games mean little (aside for getting a protected pick), Wright just felt it was the right thing to do.

You could tell Wright was enjoying the moment on Friday night. He just loves to play baseball. It’s that unbridled enthusiasm for the game that makes Wright such a joy to watch. As a Mets’ fan, it’s a joy to watch him every day.

I get that shutting him down would be logical and would also prevent a disaster, but Wright wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not like the first time when Wright was masking his injury in late July. This time, he had medical clearance and was in rehab long enough to justify coming back.

So with this being an another bleak ending for the Mets, it is encouraging that Wright has the baseball juices still in him and that he WANTS to go out there and play despite all the negative surroundings. It’s one of the big reasons he was named captain. And for that, I salute you David.

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3 comments on “Like it or not, David Wright is back!

  • peter

    He’s 100 a class act not like his antithesis frankie the “fish” francisco who’s all about himself and only himself.

  • steevy

    As long as he is alright,I want him to play.

  • Spencer Manners

    letting him play right now is like playing with fir, I just hope nothing comes of it

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