Are you giving it all she’s got, Captain?

Not that David Wright is having a sub-par year; far from it, as Wright is hitting .308 with three home runs and 20 RBI’s. As usual, Wright is producing at the clip we are accustomed to seeing from him.

However, with the Mets having dropped seven out of their last nine games and dropping two games to the pathetic Miami Marlins this week, this is a time when the “Captain” has to go above and beyond the call of duty and carry the team.

For a Mets’ team not expected to do much, it still is deflating to have meltdown after meltdown and lose confidence in the process. For all the hubbub about being officially anointed as “Captain” in the offseason, now would be the ideal time for Wright to take this mantle and steady the ship. Because as of right now, the water is murky and rough since the Mets sit at 11-15 and in fourth place in the NL East.

We all know of Wright’s merits.

By the time Wright’s done playing this game, we should be looking at the Mets’ best hitter ever. The only thing missing from Wright’s resume are titles.

The only validation Wright needs at this juncture of his career is to win and win consistently. Sure, anybody would have a tough time winning with this current incarnation of the Mets, but this is where Wright’s intangibles and leadership will be put to task. This is where Wright has to take the young guys aside and let them know that you have to be held accountable and give them the “talk.”

The Mets’ have been pitching well recently (yes, shocked at the thought too!) despite not being equipped with a star-studded rotation. It has been the offense, though, that been the Mets’ undoing of late. Prior to exploding (and I say that loosely) for seven runs in Wednesday’s win over Miami, the Mets had only scored 20 runs on 49 hits in the previous nine games. Prior to having a quality day at the plate on Wednesday (going 3-5 with a home run), Wright was  among the chief culprits in a lifeless offense; going just 6-27 in his last nine games.

Simply put, when Wright goes on these slumps, the Mets can’t seem to win.

So, with the funk the Mets find themselves in, hopefully Wright’s solid day at the plate on Wednesday can them going in a positive direction. It would be nice if the “Captain” can go on one his patented hot streaks and carry the Mets past the .500 threshold in the near future. If there was a time for Wright to deliver, now would be the ideal time.

Aye, Aye Captain, I know you’re giving it all she’s got!

7 comments on “David Wright, now would be a good time to step up

  • peter

    David Wright can’t compensate for a crappy bull pen and no 4th or 5th starter(and he knows it!) So even if he drives in the go ahead run and tries to carry this team on his back it’s just not going to happen. I would rather see him continue to play hard and steal bases and take what the pitchers are giving him. You start to ask for more than what a player is capable and he starts to over stride and try to compensate for the lack of offense surrounding him. Understanding that even if they have a lead this team needs a killer instinct instead of lets see who is going to blow the game this time. That is where David needs to step up and teach these youngsters the attitude of not accepting losing and becoming complacent.

  • Chris F

    Dan, I think your last statement says it all though: “Aye, Aye Captain, I know you’re giving it all she’s got!”

    I dont believe for 1 second thats anything but the full truth. I dont think he can step up any higher. To me, his numbers say it all. So does his glove. I think in every way, #5 has made it clear that he’s all in. Keep in mind, his ABs are coming with little real protection (basically none). Even still he’s taking good cuts and hitting well all things considered. What about his play at 3B? Im calling it gold glove caliber right now. He insists on pinch hitting with a pinched nerve or whatever, then refuses to sit out the next game and finally ignites the offense with some flair and power, still smarting in pain. My money says he has stepped up. With this being his team, Im certain no one on Earth feels worse about this last week than him. Yeah we watched in agony form our cushy chairs, but he lived it, and it had to suck like nobody’s business.

  • Metsense

    “as of right now, the water is murky and rough since the Mets sit at 11-15 and in fourth place in the NL East”, come on Dan, what do you want him to do walk on it!
    He is the best third baseman in the NL, offensively and defensively (but you knew that). There is so very little talent around him. I expected 70 wins this season and they are playing close to that pace. David is playing at at a higher level, is leading by example, and no matter how much he talks to these players it won’t make them more talented. Sandy and Fred needed to step up, not David. Good posts Chris F and peter.

  • Name

    Not sure how much more we can expect from David. He’s boasting a 300+ average , 400+ OBP, 500+ slugging, and .951 OPS right now.
    Of course, he was just as inept as everyone else during the losing streak, hitting just .222 with just one extra base hit and .563 OPS, but everyone goes through those kind of stretches and it’s just unfortunate it had to come when everyone else was also struggling.

  • Dan Stack

    Fully agree with you guys. David Wright is not, and will never be the problem. Right now most of the blame falls on the back end of the staff, the bullpen and Ike.
    The gist of my post was to mean, if there is any time we need a savoir, it would be now. Although, as you all state, that is a herculean task.

  • ernie sebesta

    i am sorry,but david has no need to step up.but,there is about 95% of this team

    Editor’s note: The rest of this comment was deleted because the writer went all caps. Don’t do that.

  • RADeva43

    I don’t know what more you expect from Captain Golden Boy. After all he can do no wrong, right?

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