Mets batters’ Brutus to pitchers’ Caesar

Finding a prognosticator, analyst, fan or soothsayer who didn’t have the New York Mets in the postseason dance was probably more difficult to find than a colleague who picked them to return to the World Series. Years of rebuilding, two consecutive playoff appearances and a roster full of both talented youth and veterans fueled the [...]

DH strikes out with NL clubs

That which separates the National League from the American League threatened to evaporate last week. Fortunately, that has not happened. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed changes to improve offense are likely coming after adjustments for pace-of-game issues. He’s considering serious changes like outlawing shifts, lowering pitching mounds and tweaking the ball to make it fly [...]

How the Mets should replace Yoenis Cespedes

Yoenis Cespedes is a beast. Physicists examine the explosion of ball off his bat for the Big Bang Theory. His home runs make fireworks look like pop caps. He runs so fast he makes Speedy Gonzalez look like regular Gonzalez. He is, the most interesting man in baseball. Cespedes joined the New York Mets for [...]

Hurt or selfish, Matt Harvey still isn’t right

The state of affairs surrounding Matt Harvey remains as lucid as mud. He will pitch. He won’t pitch. He may pitch. He may not pitch. Harvey and agent Scott Boras caught everyone off guard last week with a hard 180-inning limit, and he’s already at 166.1 innings. That includes the playoffs too, leaving Mets fans [...]

More late-inning arms a must for playoff hunt

Carlos Torres, the Mets reliever who continued the bullpen’s recent struggles allowing a walk-off home run against Baltimore Wednesday night, said location wasn’t a problem on Henry Urrutia’s first career home run. “We called for a fastball up. I threw the fastball up. These guys, unfortunately, they’ve been seeing [Noah] Syndergaard and [Jacob] deGrom, so [...]

Ya Gotta Send Conforto, Not Campbell, Down

We baseball fans tend to be a passionate bunch. We lend more credence to our hearts than our minds, as much as we embrace sabremetrics. That’s why almost every Met fan is wrong about today’s Michael Cuddyer reinstatement. GM Sandy Alderson announced Cuddyer would return Monday, but played coy about the corresponding move until well [...]