Buck Showalter, pugilist

On October 30th, 1974, Muhammed Ali and George Foreman engaged in a fight that was dubbed “The Rumble in the Jungle”. Ali was arguably the greatest heavyweight fighter of his era and Foreman was the heavyweight champion, having just pummeled Ali’s greatest rival at that time, Joe Frazier, knocking him down six times in two [...]

Winning without Jacob deGrom

When the news broke about Jacob deGrom, Mets fans' inner Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe came out. “This stinks. This is total B.S.!” That inner demon that inhabits the back of our minds, insisting that our team will never win, that something will always happen, began to laugh maniacally. Many of us heaved a resigned sigh and [...]

Bobby Bonilla and the ridiculousness of the MLB Lockout

Imagine being 23. You wake up in a nice apartment in Queens. You get into your nice car and drive to your ultramodern office with all the amenities you desire. As you walk in, you say hello to your co-workers, all in the same position as you except they own large estates, more expensive cars, [...]

The Conforto conundrum

Michael Conforto has been awful this year. Yes, he made a game saving throw against the Braves and has had a handful of big hits. But his batting average has hovered around .200 for too long and he hasn’t been able to crack a .700 OPS. Conforto’s struggles have been a microcosm of what the [...]