A thought regarding Austin Jackson before departing

It has been just under two years since I began writing for Mets360.com, and it has been an incredibly educational and pleasurable time spent with you all. As I need to take some time away for a while, I am left wondering if I can leave something for you. Clearly my signing of Yoenis Cespedes [...]

Terry Collins is a leader, and just what the Mets need

If there is one last intangible in the game of baseball, it is the role of the manager. I'm sure contribution can be totaled by calculating the odds of one move versus another in some endless algorithm. Many of us over the years have played an armchair analyst or Monday morning quarterback regarding Terry Collins [...]

Jacob deGrom and the Mets are out-pitching everyone

It is by now a secret to no one around the league that the Mets have a formidable pitching staff. Young and full of high velocity stuff, Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard have been lighting up the October competition to an even more impressive degree than most thought possible. After all, this is [...]

David Wright and the Mets know how to fight

The Mets didn't need to throw any punches on Monday night. Instead they let their bats do the talking. Against a stony-faced, Ivan Drago-esque Chase Utley and the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Mets showed what true character is. They glowered determination by immediately rebounding from a rough start, and they displayed an unrelenting desire to [...]

All hail the second coming of Noah Syndergaard

By any rational account, Noah Syndergaard's rookie campaign has had its ups and downs. He made his MLB debut in Chicago versus the Cubs, and surrendered three runs over 5.1 innings, striking out six, walking four and surrendering one home run. While good for a first go around versus a potent offensive club, it was [...]

Gut Reaction: Phillies 7, Mets 5 (9/30/15)

Well, that was a disappointing day all around. Before the game we learned Steven Matz would miss his scheduled start on Thursday due to a sore back because he...slept wrong. Hey, I sleep wrong all the time, but I'm not a highly trained athlete. I'm wondering if this is helicopter-parenting from management, or if this [...]