Off And Running:

Zach Lutz – In 8 Games Mr. Lutz has 9 hits with a double and 2 HRs.  He also boasts a 1:3 walk to strikeout ratio and solid Run and RBI production.  He also has an error which is part of the concern with Lutz should Wright land on the DL.  Zach remains the best option for a long-term solution to Wright’s absence.

Valentino Pascucci – He’s a beast in AAA.  He already has 4 HRs and 7 RBIs in 7 games played.  He has no future with the Mets beyond a bench player in the later months of the year but he sure gives fans in Buffalo something to chear about.

Jeremy Hefner and Garrett Olson – They both only have one start under their belts and I don’t think either has a future as a major role player in the majors but both had strong outings to start the year where Harvey and others did not.

Daniel Herrera – He’s gone into 3 games and pitched a few innings each time and he’s pitched those innings well.  I could see Herrera coming up to add another lefty eventually.

Jefry Marte – He’s still gaining speed as he finally begins to earn some of the praise he received a few years back.  At the elderly point of 21 he’s living up to top prospect billing he no longer holds.  He’s leading the team in AVG and has 3 extra base hits to start the year.  Should Wright be destined to leave New York, this is the Plan B solution.  Marte should play the whole year at AA because there is a log-jam of third basemen in AAA.

Allan Dykstra – Allan is a big guy and I think he’s an underrated prospect at this point.  He’s learning in 2012 to use the fear of his bat to get on base.  He’s got a .500 OBP and he’s scored 5 runs with only 2 RBIs… that doesn’t sound like most power hitters, but it isn’t bad either.

AA Pitching – The Binghamton pitchers are a relative murderer’s row in the early goings.  Collin McHugh looks solid through two starts, Darin Gorski was tremendous in his first outing, Gregory Peavey was nearly flawless… despite being moved up to AA early, Mark Cohoon looks like he still has a grip on AA hitters and the bullpen looks potent with Elvin Ramirez, Josh Edgin and Armando Rodriguez leading the charge.

Robbie Shields – Robbie is spending a good portion of time as DH but that makes some sense.  He’s also spending a good deal of time hitting the ball.  Shields has 4 doubles and a triple in 5 games played.  It looks like Shields will be demanding a position in the field with his bat in the near future.

Darrell Ceciliani & Cory Vaughn – Two thirds of my Outfield of Dreams are really looking good.  Darrell is getting it done with the bad and his legs, getting on base at a .526 clip.  Cory Vaughn is also looking sharp with 4 doubles and a homer in his 7 games played. 

Francisco Pena – Nothing super phenomenal and nothing to make me call him a top prospect again, but he’s hitting and hitting enough that as a catcher he again has value… if he can keep it up.

Danny Muno – If Muno could stick at SS he’d be higher on everyone’s list.  He’s hitting for some power, getting on base and is 4 for 4 stealing bases.  Not too shabby.

A+ Pitching – Cory Mazzoni and Gonzalez Germen were both fine through their first two starts.  Angel Cuan and Chase Huchingson were better… through their only starts.  Both of them barely allowed a baserunner.  If Met pitching in the minors keeps this up there are good things in the future.

T.J. Rivera – Rivera is the hitting leader of the Sand Gnats for now.  He’s got 13 hits and more BBs than Ks.  He is also looking like a great future #2 hitter.

Camden Maron – Maron has gotten off to a much better start than his counterpart.  With 6 BBs and 8 Ks his good start is partially due to a willingness to be patient.

Aderlin Rodriguez – Ignore the .212 AVG and the 7 K’s in 8 games.  Pay attention to the 2 doubles, 2 HRs and 10 RBIs.

Logan Verrett – Through 2 outings (10 IP) Verrett has missed 14 bats and only given up 9 hits and 2 walks.  His issue is that of the 9 hits, 2 went out of the park.

Tyler Pill – Let’s review: 6 innings, 7 K’s, 3 hits and no walks… that looks pretty AWESOME.

A Relief Pitching – Jack Leathersich, Marcos Camarena, Tyson Seng and Jared West have all been superlatively great.

Off And Limping:

Jordany Valdespin – On the one hand, he’s not hitting abysmally and he does have two walks… which is great, but at the same time he’s stolen 1 base in 3 attempts which is less great.

Matt Harvey – 9 innings in and there isn’t a ton of good things to say right now.  His walks are up his strikeouts down and his WHIP is over 2.  The season has just started and I thought it a bit aggressive to start him in AAA… this is why.

Zack Wheeler – It’s one start so don’t get worried that Harvey and Wheeler are both on this list.  Control looked like his issue overall and it certainly was in start #1.

Wilmer Flores – No extra base hits and few enough hits in general.  Don’t give up on Wilmer but he certainly needs to get that bat going.

Cesar Puello – The health is a concern, he’s only managed to get into two games this season.

Blake Forsythe – He doesn’t look like he’ll be back with the Mets in 2013.

Aderlin Rodriguez – Okay… so now let’s look at the bad average, the strikeouts and the 6 errors.

Gregory Pron – Nothing to worry about… except the 8 strikeouts.

Albert Cordero – He’ll come around eventually.

Domingo Tapia – Throwing hard and getting K’s don’t apparently work together just yet.  The young fireballer is hittable.


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