Sometimes players get a second chance to play for a team.  Mostly this is a good thing.  Mostly.  Here is (what I believe to be a complete year-to-date) listing of players who have played on the major league squad of the New York Mets, then left the organization, only to return to play again for them at the major league level.

We’re heavy on the position players and not so heavy on the pitching side.  It’s a pretty good assembly of players though.  I’ve included their primary positions as well as the years they played for the Mets.  If we need to make some roster cuts, who would they be?

1st Base:

2nd Base:


  • Tim Foli, 1970, 1971, 1978, 1979
  • Billy Almon, 180, 1987

3rd Base:





3 comments on “These Mets came Back and…

  • Dan Stack

    I wonder if “Perpetual Pedro” will ever get the recall?

  • Mahalack

    This is a great article, interesting and takes you back over a lot of names in Met history…Great research

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