matt-harvey cardIn case you hadn’t heard, Mets’ uber-phenom Matt Harvey took a trip to sunny Florida yesterday to consult with Dr. James Andrews, the guru of Tommy John surgery. This is an exploratory visit, if you will, to determine the extent of the ligament tear in Harvey’s forearm. If it’s a teeny-tiny tear, then Harvey might – MIGHT – be able to rehab it over the winter and be ready for upcoming spring training. If it’s a mondo tear, then surgery would be in the offing and Harvey wouldn’t be seen on a major league mound until sometime in 2015. Either way, the decision is Harvey’s, of course, and even if surgery is “recommended” – as opposed to “required” – then Harvey might opt to not have the surgery now, anyway. His decision is possibly the major moving part to the Mets’ offseason plans.

Dr. Andrews checked him out yesterday, but nobody’s talking. The Mets say they will have information today. Well, as of this writing, it is well past noon and we haven’t heard anything but speculation. There is so much uncertainty and so many holes in the roster heading into the winter – first base, shortstop, two outfield positions, the health of the rest of the starting rotation, the ubiquitous bullpen – that it would be nice to have some assurance about the franchise’s current prized possession. Matt Harvey is too valuable a commodity with which to fool around, yes, but to a fan base which most resembles characters from The Walking Dead — hearts repeatedly ripped out, souls stomped upon, guts punched – a quick decision would be most welcome. Yes, all care must be taken and all opinions weighed, but we fans have to know, if only for our own sanity and to fend off taunts from fans to the north as far as the Bronx and south as far as Washington, D.C. In any case, we all want what’s best for Matt Harvey, of course: at the moment, what’s best for Harvey is best for the ballclub. There’s a whole lotta future riding on that right elbow.

An announcement will let us know if that future is arriving on schedule or later than expected. Your intrepid columnist has his ear to the radio and will keep hitting “refresh” while looking at

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15 comments on “Decision ’13: Matt Harvey’s Medical Consult Has Met Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

  • steevy

    No surgery is almost a scarier thought than getting the surgery.

    • Name

      It is indeed a lose-lose situation for the Mets. If he has surgery, he is out for 2014. If he doesn’t have it, it will always be in the back of people’s minds for the next few years.

  • Doug Parker

    I agree, Steevy. Eventual surgery seems inevitable (disclosure: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV/the Internets), and I prefer to get it over with now and put the Harvey focus on 2015.

  • James Preller

    I am with Steevy, no surgery feels like a guillotine, waiting for cut.

    By the way, doesn’t all this put the super 2 stuff in perspective? If Harvey losses year or 18 months, does the clock stop? Or does his arb-eligible status stay the same? I think I have a good guess, but haven’t had it confirmed. There’s no stopping the clock, right?

    • Name

      If you’re on the DL, you still accrue major league service time.
      Logically, it doesn’t make much sense to not accrue time; if you get injured, it doesn’t mean the team should get an extra year of control over you.

  • Charlie Hangley

    But if it turns out to be the Wainwright/Halladay model…?

  • Joe Gomes

    These are the Mets, so it means that Harvey will decide to not have surgery and will be lost during the 2014 season. I just don’t understand why Mejia is being ignored for a replacement spot in the rotation. Not replacing Harvey mind you but replacing Torres/Hefner.

    Wheeler, Niese, Gee, Mejia, Josh Johnson/Capuano/Kazmir/Freak/Montero/Degrom.

    • Charlie Hangley

      Maybe people see Mejia as a trade candidate…?

  • Charlie Hangley
  • Chris F

    Fron Jon Heyman:

    The diagnosis apparently was positive enough that Harvey is expected to try rehab for now, then begin a throwing program in 1-2 months. Surgery remains a possibility, depending on how the rehab and throwing go.

    • Charlie Hangley

      You owe me a Coke…

      • Chris F

        i caught it on a accidental click! Coke it is Charlie!!

  • Sean Flattery

    If he doesn’t have surgery and pitches next year…The media circus around each of his starts is going to be so overbearing and annoying for fans that they are gonna wish he had it. ELBOW WATCH 2014!! It might be worth than TEBOWTIME

  • Sean Flattery


  • peter

    I would not let a few rants from Yankee fans bother me Charlie. They’ve spent 2 billion dollars over the past ten years and have nothing to show for it except ARod. How appropriate! C.C. is finished as an elite pitcher. Joba and Phil Hughes are awful. Tex is out with a significant injury(not to mention salary), No closer. Jeter is at the end of his career. Best of all no farm system to replenish any of their needs.

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