Reverse Logo2014 is right around the corner. With the page almost closed on 2013, focus is now onto new goals and resolutions for the year 2014.

For the Mets, it is no different. 2013 seemed like just another year with no progress. Another sub .500 season and more fans becoming tired of waiting, but then the off-season started. Curtis Granderson, Chris Young and Bartolo Colon were brought in. It seemed that 2014 was going to matter. And fans are getting excited.

2014 was always the point on the map for when the process turned itself around, when the Mets started competing again. Then Matt Harvey got hurt. Understandably, fans started to believe this would be another reason to kick the can down the road, and start to look at 2015 as the new goal. But Sandy Alderson wouldn’t let that happen. He went out and spent money, money that people didn’t think he was willing to spend, and he did something that hasn’t happened in a while. He got the mainstream media talking about the Mets once again.

High praise for the moves this off-season and about the direction of the franchise was the main compliments. Keith Law of ESPN said after the Colon signing that the 2014 Mets rotation is “sneaky good” on paper. Now 2014 has become a season to be a part of, to see what strides this franchise can make.

The goals have changed slightly, but in a good way. Harvey’s injury was supposed to hinder this team’s abilities, and it has to an extent. But the 2014 Mets are a much better team already than 2013.  Now with a new year can come new heights for the Mets to achieve. They can become the better team in New York, they can become a tough team to beat each and every game, they can compete for the NL Wild Card and overall can become relevant again in both the National League and Major League Baseball as a whole.

Now dreams of winning the World Series should be put on the backburner. But the Mets have taken a step closer to achieving that. They have made 2014 matter again. They have made themselves matter again. And for Mets fans, that’s all we asked for.

2 comments on “For the Mets, a new year comes with new goals

  • Mebevinny

    No. Granderson is going to hit 220 and manage about 15 homers all year, while striking out 170 times.
    Colon is going to get caught with steroids, age 10 years rapidly, or suddenly forget how to pitch after the bullpen blows the third lead in a row for a ND.
    Chris Young…? Really? The guy hasn’t bat over 240 since 2010…the Mets are not going to turn his hitting around.

    In the 80’s, exciting players like Dykstra, Srawberry and Mookie were supported by leaders like Carter and Hernandez.
    The only hitter we have right now is Wright. Maybe Murphy. Granderson and Young are not turning this offense around. D’arnaud and yes, Davis are still developing and may have peaked already.
    2014 is a rebuilding year. We didn’t get a cano, Mornaeu, Furcal…veterans that knew how to win…we, again, got rejects off the heap.
    We keep looking for Rick Reeds…but keep getting Oliver Perezs. At least we didn’t pay for another Pedro or Johan. But I think Granderson is another Bay and Colon is a risk and Young is Carlos Baerga. Of course, I could be totally wrong. But I don’t think I am.

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  • Jerry Grote

    I won’t put the World Series on a back burner, not until its proven we won’t get a SS.

    This team has as much pitching, and potentially defense, as any team in baseball. Stopping the opposition from scoring is at least 40% of the game and we can do it right now, with this roster, as well as all but four or five teams in baseball.

    We can get to the Wild Card, and once you are in the playoffs, anything can happen.

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