It felt good to write “21” at the end of the date in the headline.

Without a doubt, 2020 ended on an up note for the Mets. Still, we’re all ready to turn the page and nothing would solidify that more than a signing of Trevor Bauer or George Springer. Sure, they’ve signed two free agents from other teams already but those are the type of signings we’ve seen in recent years from the Wilpon-led Mets. We all want to see the home run signing.

Speaking of home runs – a guy known for hitting a few of them posted this on his Twitter account yesterday:

May widespread vaccinations among the people allow fans back into Citi Field and ballparks all across the U.S. and Canada this year.

13 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (1/6/21)

  • Mike W

    Hot stove has been cold. I don’t think the big free agents will get the huge deals they are seeking.

    Kicking the tires on Kluber and Paxton. Could be an interesting signing. Wont cost much on a short term prove it deal.

    I think the Mets are being wise on waiting out the market, except for Springer if he is their real target.

  • JimO

    Very classy move by Hank Aaron.

    • TJ


  • NYM6986

    Amen to widespread vaccinations and getting to sit and cheer our team at Citifield. Another big homers for Hammerin’ Hank.

    • José

      Hey always wanted to be called Henry, not Hank

  • TexasGusCC

    Supposedly the Mets are deep into Lindor trade talks with the Indians, ans Gimenez is going to Cleveland.

    As I’ve been writing all winter, this move had to be made. Name’s analysis last week of Gimenez’ production as compared to his minor league numbers was exemplary and worthy of note. While hoping Gimenez has a good career, it’s hard to expect too much especially seeing a 28% hard hit rate. That just shows no exit velocity and while it may happen eventually, we aren’t interested in waiting to find out. Sell high now, get out.

    Would like to see Corrasco coming back and a good young hurler and we can add either Smith or Alonso to the package. That would be a win-win trade.

    • Chris F

      Ryan Wolf apparently also in the package

      • Name

        Per Rosenthal:
        To Mets: SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco.

        To Indians: SS Amed Rosario, SS Andrés Giménez, RHP Josh Wolf, OF Isaiah Greene.

        This is about Carrasco as much as Lindor – great move if it means we don’t have to waste $20+ mil on Bauer and it solves us having to experiment with Rosario at different positions while hoping his batting finally develops.

        • José

          Yeah, this YouTuber is so excited he’s about to blow a gasket. He just stated by livestream that the Mets have made an official announcement. Currently 10:07 AM on the left coast 1/7/21

          And they have allegedly picked up SP Carrasco without giving up any major parts. Nice!

          • José

            It’s official – ESPN verified the trade has been completed

        • TJ

          Wow, superstar SS and legit rotation piece. Of course, they do need to extend Lindor, but they just got a hell of a lot better. Extend Lindor, add Springer and a bullpen piece or two late at decent prices and play ball.

        • Chris F

          Im sad to see Gimenez go, but Mauricio on the way…Id make sure he can play 2B or 3B. It looks like SS is a done deal.

  • JimO

    The only piece that hurts is Giménez. It looks like Carrasco had some issues in 2019 but in a pandemic-shortened season last year pitched well. He isn’t young but looks like a solid pick-up.

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