One of the Mets’ highest priorities is to upgrade the DH performance, according to team President Sandy Alderson. So far, J.D. Davis and Dom Smith have mostly split the job, with disappointing results. Davis has a slash line of .234/.325/.345 and Smith is even worse with a .194/.276/.284 line. Is there a trade target out there who could provide an upgrade at a reasonable cost?

One interesting possibility could be Wilmer Flores, a product of the Mets farm system who contributed to the 2015 pennant-winning Mets team. Flores now plays for the Giants, and he is having a good year with the bat. In 334 PA he has slashed .253/.335/.445. He’s smacked 13 homers, he’s scored 47 runs, and he’s driven in 51. The stat that really stands out though, is his BA with RISP, its an impressive .355.

If Flores would continue at that pace in the DH slot with the Mets, it would be a distinct improvement over the current DHs. But would the Giants part with him? If they think they are going to make the playoffs, probably not.

Last year the Giants won 107 games, but their current record is 48-43. Six teams will make the expanded NL postseason, the three division winners and the next three teams with the best records. The Giants are not going to win the division, the Dodgers are far ahead. As to qualifying for one of the other three spots, they are on the outside looking in. The Braves, the Padres, the Brewers, the Cardinals and the Phils all have better records at the break.

When play resumes, the Giants are faced with a four-game set at Dodger Stadium, no easy task. So it is at least conceivable that as we near the trade deadline of August 2, the Giants might be far enough back to consider being sellers.

Flores will turn 31 in a couple of weeks, and his contract runs out this year, so he woud be a rental to whichever team, if any, acquires him. Although he profiles as a DH for the Mets, he has played a fair amount in the infield for the Giants this year. He has 21 starts at first and also third, and 15 starts at 2b with 17 starts at DH. His best position in the field is 1st base.

What would it take to pry Flores away from the Giants if they do decide to deal him off? Perhaps not a whole lot, certainly less than what the Mets gave up last year (Pete Crow-Armstrong) to acquire rental Javier Baez from the Cubs. The Mets could give the Giants their choice of either Smith or Davis plus one non-elite prospect, and that just might tempt the Giants to pull the trigger, if they thought they had only a longshot hope of the postseason.

Wilmer was a fan favorite in his run with the Mets, and he enjoyed playing for the team, but the main reason for a reunion would not be sentiment. It would be because he fits what the Mets need at the DH spot. He is a hitter with power, a decent average against both righties and lefties, and clutch-hitting abilities as evidenced by his BA with RISP.

Editor’s Note – This story was written on Tuesday, before Tim Britton’s piece in The Athletic mentioned Flores as a trade possibility.

13 comments on “A Wilmer Flores reunion could juice up the DH production

  • BoomBoom

    Its an outside the box idea which I like and could potentially lead to some more Wilmer magic in Queens. Can you imagine him hitting the game winning homer off Kenley Jansen to clinch the division? I can.

    Here s another idea that will cost more…Shohei Ohtani.

  • Jimmy P

    The model I’d pursue is Kelly Johnson/Juan Uribe type pieces, supplemented by an Addison Reed type addition at the top.

    I don’t think this team needs, along these lines, the next Cespedes.

    The team offense is good, though undercut by miserable performances at DH and C and, to a lesser extent, 3B.

    I’m not a big fan of bringing guys back, and I’m not sure the Giants are ready for a sell off, but this kind of thinking seems solid to me.

    Lot of options out there — the Pirates Vogelbach has tremendous splits vs. RHP — can’t touch a lefty — and it’s wise for the Mets to have a lot of irons in the fire. Call some bluffs and look for the best value. I’d also always look to expand a deal to include a top-line reliever.

    I think Diaz’s A+ season puts him as the team MVP, masking the generally poor bullpen overall. I’d like another guy with closing experience, like Robertson (Cubs); the Orioles’ Lopez; the Pirates’ Bednar; etc.

    One model is to split DH with two platoon guys who can’t field. The other is the Nats’ Bell, everyday, which maybe allows the Mets to find another OF guy who can hit and field.

    I guess we are okay enough with Escobar/Guillorme at 3B?

    I’d still like to see Alvarez take some cuts before the Sept 1 postseason roster deadline. He might help. Interesting times.

    All of which is to say: I don’t see the need to be flipping top prospects left and right.

  • T.J.

    Interesting. Gus, what say you?

  • MikeW

    I just saw on mlb tv that the Mets acquired Vogelbach. I’d rather have Flores. He is hitting in the .220s with 12 home runs. Sure feels like an old Todd Frazier.

    But, let’s see how it plays out. Maybe this is just the start.

  • MikeW

    Now I am really annoyed. They traded Holderman for Vogelbach. Guess this is the end for Smith and probably Davis.

    • JamesTOB

      I didn’t like this trade at first, but then I looked at Vogelbach’s stats as a left-hander, which is how the Mets will use him. In 173 at-bats he has an OPS of .896 which is higher than Pete Alonso’s .857. His 12 homers all came batting left-handed in those 173 at-bats. Pete Alonso has twice as many in twice as many at-bats. Pete’s hitting .265, while Vogelbach is hitting .260 and the latter has 29 BB compared to Pete’s 34, which suggests the pitchers were pitching around him in the Pirates’ crappy line-up. All of this suggests that in the 2/3 of the games where he bats he’ll be a dominant hitter. As much as I liked Holderman this may well be a very good trade for the Mets. Now all they need is a DH who can hit lefties!

      • Mike W

        This is really good insight. The argument from Eppler is that the deadline there will be alot more relief pitchers available than left handed power hitters who can mash righties.

        • JamesTOB

          We can only hope he is right and that they bring in someone or two to replace Holderman.

  • ChrisF

    Just. Say. No.

    A reunion with ol Cement Boots would be a total loss. Id much rather have SMith and JD.

    • TexasGusCC

      Cement boots? Is Vogelbach any faster? Two outs, two men on, down a run in the ninth: who do you want at the plate, Vogelbach or Flores?

      • ChrisF


  • Metsense

    The article concludes with good, strong points of a Flores reunion. A Flores reunion would be an upgrade. A better reunion would be a Drury reunion, who is having a better year than Flores and is more versatile and is a better defender.
    That was a good comment and analysis by JamesTOB about the Vogelbach/Holderman trade. Holderman has potential (which hurts) and the 30 year old Vogelbach past All-Star will solved the LHB of the DH platoon problem. Now obtain Drury to complete the DH platoon.

    • JimmyP

      I want Drury because he can play some in the field, too, and help take away ABs from
      Escobar/Guillorme/Davis. The Reds almost have to trade him; he’s there for the taking.

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