These first-wave Sportflics cards deserve a cult of their own.

Now, the less said about the mid ’90’s Second Coming of the brand, the better. Those sets were more Stone Roses Second Coming than the Jesus kind…

But these mid ’80s cards were out there kicking against the pricks.

The hobby back then was a stodgy place, and the cigar-chomping pot-bellied stereotypes who ruled the roost did not want anything to do with “Magic Motion” and plastic card stock.

The lenticular technology, which here results in three images of Bob Ojeda unfolding his windup in that inimitable slow/quick/slow way, was dismissed as gumball-machine gimmickry, and the foil wrappers seemed an affront to waxy tradition.

But I’m here to tell you that Sportflics were cool. As cool as 18-5 with a 2.57. As cool as a crucial game 3 World Series win. As cool as anything.

Today these can be found clogging the dime boxes at your local card show. I think you know what to do…

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