Tuesday Johan Santana threw in his first game with the Mets since September 2nd of 2010. The result: two innings, one hit, one walk, no runs, and 17 of his 29 pitches were strikes. He was able the throw all of his pitches and even got his fastball up to 91 MPH with his change-up at 78 MPH. He also was able to field his postion, starting a 1-6-3 double play. Overall, it was a very successful outing and it was a nice site to see Johan back on the mound. What may be even more important is that the day after his start Johan felt fine and was participating in regular drills and will throw a bullpen session today.

For me, the main thing to see from Johan is location and how he feels the next day. Things like velocity will come as he gets his arm strength up and accumulates more starts. After watching his start on Tuesday I have to admit that I’m optimistic about Johan’s season. If he can be anywhere near what he use to be and be the ace of this
rotation, the Mets will be a much different team.

It was a very encouraging start, but in actually it’s Spring Training. These games really mean nothing and the only thing that matters is if  Johan is ready for Opening Day and can start healthy for the whole season. So how excited should we actually be about this last start for Johan?

As for as the Mets go, this is a big deal. This team has been surrounded by so much negativity and really hasn’t had anything too great to get them excited. It would be a welcomed and well deserved change if the Mets could have a player come back strong from an injury, rather than losing that player to an injury. But as my friend
who is a Yankee fan told me, Mets fans are going crazy over everything Johan does. As he put it, “This just in: Johan Santana did a full jumping jack today. The team is monitoring his progress.” He also really doesn’t care about Spring Training and always tells me, “The Mets look forward to February and Yankees look forward to October.”

So was this start really something to be excited about or are we blowing this out of proportion because this is the Mets?

8 comments on “How excited should we be about Johan Santana?

  • David Groveman

    Am I excited that Johan made a Spring Training start? No. Is it a good thing? Yes.

  • Brian Joura

    Santana is 40-25 (.615) in his career with the Mets. In that 2008-2010 span, the Mets were 238-248 (.490). Without Santana those three years, the Mets winning percentage drops to .470 (198-223). So, yeah, I’m excited that a guy with a winning percentage 145 points higher than the rest of the team is on his way back after missing all of last year. And while I realize he won’t be the SANTANA of old – it sure beats seeing Miguel Batista every five days.

  • Charlie Hangley

    Tell your “friend” to shut up.

    • Brandon Lee

      I mean he does make a good point. I feel at times were over analyze Spring Training. Like today Mike Pelfrey got shelled and some people are already all over Pelf. You never know what a pitcher is trying to do and what they are experimenting with. This games don’t count and they get to face major league hitters. It’s the perfect time to try new things and not so much worry about the results.

  • Metsense

    I’m excited because the Mets don’t have a Plan B. I’m actually hoping he has a better year than Capuano 2011 because then the starting rotation would be improved. Should we be as excited as we are? No, but we don’t have a plan B. And Charley, emotionally you are right but maybe sometimes it is wiser to listen what people have to say because they are sometimes right, no matter how much it hurts to hear it.

    • Brandon Lee

      That’s true, but I think the Mets kind of need a Plan B. I’m not sure who would be the guy the Mets would call up when one of their starters lands on the 15 day DL. And I use the word “when” because it will happen at some point this season.

    • Charlie Hangley


      It’s not about not hearing what I don’t want to hear. It’s about being so arrogant that they assume a playoff spot is a given. I have several Yankee-fan friends who act like playing in October is their birthright. You know, the “27 RINGGGZZZZZ, BAY-BEEEE!” crowd. That’s the irritant. So even if Brandon’s friend has a point, it gets lost amid all the bleating and braying.

      • Metsense

        Charley, do what I did, move to North Carolina where they hate all Yankees.

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