Well there weren’t many positives to take away from Tuesday’s game. It was nice to see strong>Matt Den Dekker and Cesar Puello play next to each other in the outfield and Daniel Murphy keeps proving he’s going to be one of the best hitters in the league this year. The pitchers struggled as much as the hitters, and if Mike Pelfrey keeps giving up as many fly balls as he did today he won’t be on the team much longer.

The one nice thing to see was Andres Torres. What many didn’t see before the game (besides a very interesting rendition of The National Anthem), was the warm-ups. I got to the ballpark to see the Cardinals finish up batting practice. After they cleaned up the field of all the equipment, balls, and Cardinal players, Torres was the first player on the field for warm-ups. A couple minutes later Lucas May came up, followed by Pelfrey. Then Murphy, Lucas Duda, Ike Davis, Jason Bay, and the rest of the starters headed out to the 3rd base line for their pre-game warm-ups.

The whole time Torres was stretching, running, and taking the warm-ups pretty seriously. After The Anthem, a couple minutes past and the players finished up their stretches and went into the dugout to get ready for the game. Torres was the last player to finish up on the field, taking more time to loosen up and get ready than everyone else. He was also the only player to stay and sign autographs.

I was one of those people that love the Angel Pagan trade for this guy alone. The guy does everything right and I think he’s going to become an immediate fan favorite once the season starts and made people get to see him play. I just hope he can put up the numbers necessary to stay in the starting line-up because he has an amazing work ethic and really appreciates the fans.

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