David Peterson should not be overlooked

Oddly enough, the most talked about lefty arm on the New York Mets this offseason has been…Steven Matz? This is the case because Matz reupped with the team after settling for a $5.2 million contract at the arbitration table. Other than that Matz, whose career has been marred by injuries and inconsistencies, has seen his [...]

Weighing the meaning of a Nolan Arenado trade for the Mets

It seems like just yesterday that there were rumors swirling that the New York Mets wanted to acquire All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. The Mets were on the cusp of their magical 2015 season, and the addition of a player like Tulowitzki would have added verified star power to the lineup. Instead, the Colorado Rockies decided [...]

An analysis of the spray charts of potential Mets

As the Flushing Faithful start prepare for the first season of the Steve Cohen regime, the excitement is extremely plausible. A large number of articles have been released regarding the potential acquisitions that the New York Mets could make this offeseason. While Cohen is expected to make waves this offseason with acquisitions, it is first [...]

Bringing Stroman back can help push Mets to contention

If the 2020 version of the New York Mets taught us anything, it is that you simply can’t overstate the importance of quality starting pitching. Starters for the Mets last season compiled an ERA of 6.07. This is not the standard that we are used to seeing from the Mets rotation, as for the past [...]

Nimmo most valuable to Mets as a trade chip

With a smile that shines brighter than any floodlight he plays under, Brandon Nimmo has become a fan favorite through his hustle and pure delight at playing the game of baseball. Fans of the New York Mets have become accustomed to his penchant for getting on base, and for his signature sprint to first base [...]

Like it or not, the Cano-Diaz trade will always be a failure

Regardless of the production received from Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz over the course of their careers as New York Mets, it will never be enough to quell the appetite of what Met fans desire from them. In order to get Cano and Diaz, the Mets had to trade away Jarred Kelenic, who has appeared [...]

Jacob deGrom’s throne, for the better, will be challenged

Over the course of the 2019 season, Jacob deGrom affirmed himself atop the throne of New York pitching. Pound for pound, statistic for statistic, deGrom outperformed every other starter in not only New York, but the entire Senior Circuit. En-route to claiming his second consecutive National League Cy Young Award, deGrom brought himself to an [...]

Perpetual Pedro persists

Gripe as you must about the current state of Major League Baseball, it never hurts to take a look back to 10 years ago and reflect on some of the things that we saw. Awful contracts, being burned by Bernie Madoff, and watching prime David Wright play for a mostly non-competitive team. Oddly enough, this [...]

Jerry Krause and the New York Mets connection

Over the past four weeks, The Last Dance documentary chronicling the life and career of Michael Jordan has captured the minds and viewership of millions of Americans. Over the course of the documentary, fans both young and old either rekindled fond memories of Jordan, or developed a new found admiration for the former Chicago Bull [...]

Cookies crumble as chemistry grows

There is an undeniable chemistry that has been built with the current players that inhabit the roster of the New York Mets. This chemistry is often talked about when championship team discussions are brought to the table as an intangible, unmeasurable quality that a championship team must possess. Mets fans witnessed it firsthand in 2015, [...]

Learning from, and eventually rooting for, Matt Harvey

Over the span of the last week or so, Coronavirus has swept through just about every website, app, newspaper and any other method of media that you consume, at times, overpopulating the news cycle. Feel good stories are instead being swapped for infection stories, and sports have begun to limit the number of fans that [...]

The Mets, and projections

Projections are one of the weirdest things that a baseball fan can consume. These predictions, based on statistics and expert predictions can be the best friend of a fan, or the worst enemy depending on what side of the spectrum they fall on. In a way, we all put our projections for how our team [...]