WAR Update: Catcher Framing!

Including catcher framing in WAR has been a topic of internal debate at FanGraphs for the past half-decade. The problem has never been with the inclusion of framing numbers on the catcher side of things. That’s a fairly simple addition. The problem has always been what to do with the pitchers. For instance, the 2011 Brewers were some 40 runs above average in catcher framing. When you add those 40 runs to catchers, do you subtract 40 runs from pitchers? As it turns out, you do, but those runs are not attributed equally to each pitcher

Source: David Appleman, FanGraphs.com

1 comment for “WAR Update: Catcher Framing!

  1. Name
    April 5, 2019 at 9:53 am

    And just like that Buster Posey has the highest recent single season fWAR (tied with Betts last year)

    I’ve always thought catcher WARs were too low, probably from the fact that they sit so often, but this will certainly help their cause.

    But i should note again WAR should be used for nothing more than an approximation.

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