Edwin Diaz made a winner out of those who had “Game 2” in the pool predicting when he would blow his first save of the season, as he failed to close out a lead. The Braves tacked on more with the dreadful new extra inning rules and emerged with a 5-3 win Saturday.

After a mammoth shot by Freddie Freeman went foul on Friday, Diaz was unable to avoid the gopher ball on Saturday, as he gave up a game-tying homer to Marcell Ozuna. Then Hunter Strickland, who made the roster because he wasn’t Tyler Bashlor, reminded everyone that he was a guy with a 5.55 ERA last season, as he gave up hits to three of the four batters he faced. He allowed three runs before Drew Smith came on to clean up the mess.

The blown save by Diaz took a win away from Steven Matz, who allowed just two hits and a walk over six innings.

Luis Rojas, who earned accolades for his moves on Opening Day, came up with a mostly different batting order as the Braves started a LHP. The top three starters in the order went 1-12, although Jake Marisnick came on for defense and delivered a hit in two at-bats in the second spot in the order. Meanwhile the seventh and eighth hitters combined for five hits.

The Mets look to take the series with a win in the finale that will be ESPN’s Sunday night game.

7 comments on “Braves 5, Mets 3 (10 INN) 7/25/20

  • Metsense

    Going in the season I wasn’t confident with Diaz as the Met closer. Lugo was successfully in 2019 and earned the mantle. The Mets are forcing the issue when they have better options available. Diaz has good stuff but hasn’t proven himself in a Met uniform. In fact he has proven the opposite. Diaz should demoted in the pecking order of the bullpen.
    This was a disappointing loss to say the least. Conforto hitting a LHP was very encouraging.

  • NYM6986

    Very disappointing loss with two outs and 3-2 on Ozuna but Diaz had to throw a strike. Mets offense pretty much asleep. If we would hit, and yes it’s only game 2, then the HR by Ozuna would not have mattered so much in the outcome. Don’t like the starting a runner at second crap in extra innings because as a baseball purist who cares how long a game takes to play! Most of us watch on TV and do something else at the same time and if you paid $100 for a game ticket you are enjoying each pitch. Still 35 wins away from a playoff berth.

  • Chris F

    Diaz laughed as he watched Ozuna round the bases. He later said that was the exact pitch he wanted to throw and ultimately just got bested. My question is, If that’s the best you got and Marcel Ozuna goes long on you, are you really a gamer?

  • TJ

    Well, there goes the run at the 1972 Dolphins.

    I agree with Metsense, Diaz did not merit being the default closer after his historically bad 2019. This was likely an “organizational decision”, and it worked for one game, but that is all the rope anyone needs to see. No more Diaz in the 8th or ninth, unless others are unavailable. He frankly needs to re-establish his competence over a significant period of time when the game is not on the line. He does not give you the best chance to win pitching the 9th inning, and every game is at least twice as important this season.

    I also agree that despite the blown save, the offense has to take some blame. This team needs to score, especially at home…their pitching cannot carry them every day.

    The runner on 2nd is wonky, but if they insist, why not at least push it to the 12th inning to allow for some “regular” extra time?

    • Mike W

      I really dislike the extra inning rule. I agree with editing for the 12th inning to use it. Or Just play three extra innings. If noone wins then it is a tie.

  • 1999

    These new rules are intolerable, this isn’t like adjusting the height of the mound or the seams of the ball, it is a redesign of the game itself. I’ve been hoping to get back into baseball but MLB and my cable company are doing their best to stop me from caring. It feels like rules we had in Little League, “no stealing until game #5,” “no bunting with the bases loaded.” I think it was Ron who said something last night that hinted at why this may not even do anything to shorten extra inning games. It shouldn’t be too difficult to sac bunt with the first batter, then you have plenty of options to score the runner on third even without getting a proper hit.

    Has there been any discussion here about the new rules in general? I’m interested in what Brian and Co. have to say about them.

  • Hobie

    Didn’t really mind the 2B start in extras; it’s not baseball, but neither is this season, which may turn out interesting anyway.
    What I don’t get is this: at least 3 of Diaz’s pitches that inning ended up in the same spot, with the same velo and approximately (from TV view) the same 12-8 break. Two were missed, one one blasted. Is it all just a guessing game and we’re watching team Bingo?

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