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The following list of players the Mets tendered contracts to comes from SNY:

Meanwhile, the following players were tendered contracts for 2022: 1B Pete Alonso, INF Travis Blankenhorn, RHP José Butto, RHP Miguel Castro, INF/OF J.D. Davis, RHP Edwin Díaz, RHP Yennsy Díaz, INF Luis Guillorme, OF Khalil Lee, LHP Joey Lucchesi, RHP Seth Lugo, INF Ronny Mauricio, C Patrick Mazeika, INF/OF Jeff McNeil, RHP Tylor Megill, C Tomás Nido, OF Brandon Nimmo, RHP Adam Oller, LHP David Peterson, RHP Jake Reed, RHP Sean Reid-Foley, INF Dominic Smith, RHP Drew Smith, LHP Thomas Szapucki, INF Mark Vientos, RHP Trevor Williams and RHP Jordan Yamamoto.

For me, the big one is picking Williams over Robert Gsellman. It’s 100% the right move in my mind. Also glad to know that Yamamoto will be back for depth purposes. A little surprised about Reed and Reid-Foley but you need reliever depth, too.

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  • JamesTOB

    Are the Mets done after signing Scherzer? I haven’t found any rumors. We definitely need another starter and a third-baseman/right-fielder. Are they really content to have Megill and/or Peterson as their fifth starter? Are they really content to have Canha in RF and Escobar at 3rd?

    • Brian Joura

      And McNeil/Cano at 2B?

      • JamesTOB

        I like McNeil at 2B. He’s been a great hitter. I don’t understand why fans turned on him so quickly. Lots of guys have one bad year and come back the next.

  • JamesTOB

    Brian, have you heard anything about why the Mets don’t want Stroman back? One article suggested that he was disruptive. I’ve been reading a couple of articles saying that the club house culture needs to change. During the season I was reading that the clubhouse was really tight and congenial. What’s the truth?

    • Metsense

      I read on SNY Metblog he did something on social media that upset the Mets. Take that for what it’s worth.

      • TexasGusCC

        Lots of ink was given to Stroman liking a tweet that call Anthony DiComo a WOP. In fact, Marc Carig called him out on it saying he screen shotted the like and called on Stroman to “be better”. In response to that, Stroman accused Carig on Twitter of photoshopping the image.

        Truth is, I think it was a baseball decision because this only happened lately. Stroman has a very low K rate at a time when K rates are going up across MLB. But, just looking at what Stroman got makes me wonder if he’s really a pitcher that deserves $25MM per year when Gausman only got $22MM. In fact, if it was a Mets issue, where were the Angels, the Rangers, the Blue Jays, the Giants and the Mariners – who have all been signing starters left and right – and no one was in on Stroman?

  • Metsense

    I read that that Met source said McNeil is the 2B, Escobar is the 3B and Canha is is RF. Take it for what it’s worth.
    Williams I believe is out of options. I think he will be the Swingman and compete for the 5th rotation spot.
    I would be more comfortable if they signed Hill also and also sign a starting pitcher to a minor league contract.
    They need two more relief pitchers to round out the bullpen.

  • Steve_S.

    Conforto and Villar remain unsigned. Wonder what deals they’ll get.

  • T.J.

    Per Heyman Mets are looking for another bat and starter. I agree with Williams over Gsellman as well. They also need a couple of quality pen arms. They are at $267 million now and those additions may well push them over $300 million.

    Not that I wouldn’t want them, but I don’t see higher end signings like Bryant and Stroman at this point. I would actually prefer the signings to be of the Escobar/Canha type, or less. I want depth and flexibility over big 5-6 year deals at this point.

    I also like the depth that Reed-Foley, Reed, Yamamoto add. Throw Megill and Peterson down in AAA and that is pretty good depth, combined with some other interesting pitching prospects and hopefully Ginn later this season. Scherzer was very splashy but they are doing a fine job building depth in the absence of a deep system.

  • Woodrow

    I’m thinking they sign a McCutcheon or Peterson as a #4 OFer and trade for one of the A’s starters. Smith,Davis and Peterson?

  • Wobbit

    The team changed from LH hitting heavy to now being more RH oriented. Nimmo is now the only true LH hitter, with Lindor and Escobar as switchies. Losing Conforto means they really have no LH slugger, and that seems like a hole that needs filling. McNeil, Dom, Cano, Guillorme will all lose ABs in the coming season, perhaps rightfully so. Can Dom regain his power stroke? Seems that he and JD are platooning at DH.
    Adam Frazier would have helped, but still not the power… but imagine the length in the lineup to have put Frazier at 2B… a big whiff on that one.
    I’m glad Baez went elsewhere. He may be good for a short term, but I don’t see it for the long term deal… too many strikeouts. We can expect Conforto will go somewhere for about 20M a year… maybe 5/100… like to the Phillies (LF), the Nationals (LF), the Yankees (LF), or the Mariners.
    Maybe Chris Taylor to the Mets? Versatility, like McNeil, but from the right side… good speed.

    All in all, I’m happy with the direction the moves took the team… more contact, more speed, fewer strikeouts… tougher on the opponents SP and pitch counts.

    • Woodrow

      Has the shift reduced the desire or need for LH hitters? I often wondered if this was why the Yanks and their analytics driven team had so few until the trade deadline.

  • David Groveman

    I saw the Mets are in on Kikuchi who would slot as the #5 starter if they signed him. It isn’t a “bad” move but I honestly believe Rich Hill would be just as good if not better for the spot and would probably be cheaper.

    The Met lineup sits along the lines of this:

    1. Brandon Nimmo, LF (L)
    2. Starling Marte, CF (R)
    3. Francisco Lindor, SS (S)
    4. Pete Alonso, 1B (R)
    5. Dominic Smith/J.D. Davis/Robinson Cano, DH (L, R, L)
    6. Mark Canha, RF (R)
    7. Eduardo Escobar, 3B (S)
    8. Jeff McNeil, 2B (L)
    9. James McCann, C (R)

    The major league bench and AAA depth is already pretty good, so I can’t see the Mets signing another 3B or 2B player. Assuming the DH is coming to town and the Mets truly want to extend the heart of their lineup, Kyle Schwarber is the player who might make the most sense (assuming you are moving Smith and Davis).

    The real question for the Mets sits with the bullpen and rotation. They need a backend starter (like Kikuchi or Hill) and they need a front-line reliever to replace the departure of Aaron Loup.

    • JamesTOB

      I’d bat Marte first to take advantage of his speed and Nimmo’s patience at the plate. I’d also put McNeil hitting third. I’m looking for a bounce-back year from him and he has had great OBP most years. Those three set the table for Alonso, Lindor, the DH (either Davis or Dom). But the bottom third of the order remains relatively weak. There’s a slight upgrade with Canha and Escobar over Villar and Pillar. My biggest concern is that the Mets only have two guaranteed years of Scherzer and given his age, we don’t want to waste either of them. Signing Bryant would give them a deeper lineup. (Escobar may have had 28 hrs. last year, but he had 22 in 400AB with Oakland and only 6 in 200 with Minnesota. I suspect that Citi will sap his power, so I’d rather see Bryant.)

    • Metsense

      Yes on Hill over Kikucha.
      Marte should lead off with the patient Nimmo second to utilize the 91% stole base success rate of Marte. Escobar should bat 5th to utilize his power.
      Marte, Nimmo, Lindor, Alonso, Escobar, Canha, McNeil, DH, McCann
      They need two more relievers also.

      • Brian Joura

        Scratch Rich Hill off your list – he’s going back to Boston.

        • Footballhead

          For 5 million dollars only! I can’t believe the Mets let him go. I only see Rodon and a # of ‘three tier’ free agent SP left, and they for sure will cost a heck of a lot more to sign.

    • Woodrow

      If McNeil is an every day player he doesn’t bat 8th. Until last year he was a hitter.

  • Wobbit

    I agree with Metsense about Escobar. In fact, why is he hitting lower than Lindor… had a higher average and more homers? Like him 5th. McNeil third is a rally killer. I know all you guys expect a bounce back… it must be great to have a wishful imagination… he’s 8th or 9th, flip-flop with McCann/Nido.
    I certainly expect Marte to lead off. That base-stealing prowess is a manager’s dream come true. His hitting in front of Nimmo just raised Nimmo’s BA more than a few points as well… infielders will have to move around to protect against Marte on the bases, more fastballs to Nimmo.
    Schwarber would be exciting for two reasons… the LH power I alluded to above, and him not saying against us 19 times a year on the Phillies or Braves. Would then make JD and Dom completely expendable. Mets would score a lot of runs… that lineup with JDG and Scherza… 90 wins minimum. Nice to dream.

  • Mike W

    I’d like to lift Glasnow from Tampa Bay. They could really benefit from Davis, Smith and McNeil. You never know.

    I do expect some trades to happen. Probably for relievers.

  • Mr_Math

    Stroman to the Cubs?


    Ya know, Stevie the criminal who paid $6B to SEC for his bad behavior, yet is so luvved around here because of all the difference he was going to make…

    WTF was the point of vastly overpaying for Mad Dog (or whatever his moniker is) if you let Marcus walk?

    Just more of the same rancid crap from Wilpon 2.0

    You can’t win big with two-fifths of an awesome rotation, and little else, unless you get extremely lucky

  • TexasGusCC

    MLBTR wrote earlier that a meeting between the MLBPA and MLB lasted seven minutes. Seven minutes… why did they bother showing up? I think the players mean business and the owners will not cave in because they have had their way for a long time and believe it is their right to run the league as they see fit. This thing may go into next year and possibly hamstring next year, if not cancel it completely.

    Wouldn’t that suck for LA Angels that gave up a draft for one year of Syndergaard that may now be less than a full season? And, every single day the season is canceled is $118,889 that Cohen won’t have to shell out to Cano. Yes, Cohen is rich but he’s not stupid. Let’s see how many days are missed; let’s see if Cano gets hurt in the spring to have the insurance kick in. If they release him now, Cohen is liable for every penny.

    • TexasGusCC

      Just to add on, Max Scherzer specifically pointed out that for five years the MLBPA has collected a war chest of money to help players that don’t make alot of money to survive lost playing time and even a lost season. The players aren’t going to give in. We know the owners won’t budge. I can’t see this being a short term disagreement.

  • Wobbit

    Alderson made it clear that Cano was not going anywhere this offseason. They will keep him on the big roster, see how the spring goes and then decide come March 30. If he gets hurt, and he will, something will have to give. Maybe we can pass the hat around Citi Field and rustle up the 40M to send him home…

    Meanwhile, note to Mr Math… if deGrom and Scherza each go 15-5, the rest of the rotation only has to go .500 to wind up over 90 wins. If they get more pitching or Walker, Carrasco, or Megill can settle in, they have a great season. The hitting will be there.
    I would not feel as confident if they still had Rojas… Mr. Do Nothing…

  • Name

    I thought Lucchessi would have been non-tendered to free up a roster spot given that he is unlikely to pitch much in 2022.

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