Previewing the biggest Mets series in years

We've been looking ahead to the penultimate series of the 2022 regular season for months. Somehow we just knew it would all come down to three games in Atlanta, our final series with the Braves, to decide the National League East division. And here we sit clinging to a precarious one-game lead entering this pivotal [...]

Seth Lugo, Trevor May and the pivotal 7th inning

With a team full of stars, upstarts, redemption stories and even an overweight folk hero, this Mets team is a lot of fun to root for, especially since we've been sitting atop the National League East since early April. However, in spite of all this team's talent and grit, we currently cling by our toenails [...]

Mets fans, the seas are about to get choppy

So far, 2022 has been a really fun season to be a Mets fan. We've seen incredible comebacks, amazing plays, a bench clearing brawl, improbable heroes, incredible performances and more. And, as of this writing, we're sitting comfortably atop the NL East standings. So far, so great. We were able to build up an eight [...]

Curb your enthusiasm, Mets fans

Following the Mets double header sweep of the Giants on Tuesday, the headlines started prematurely proclaiming the Mets were the greatest team in the league. "This year's Mets team has staying power, and here's why," wrote Danny Abriano in a blog post for SNY and Yahoo Sports Wednesday. "Power Shift: Mets Are Quickly Overtaking Yankees [...]

The Mets’ best off-season move was the one they didn’t make

If you're like MattyMets, you probably squealed like a school girl when the Mets signed Eduardo Escobar, Mark Canha, and Starling Marte in the span of 48 hours. And when they announced that Max Scherzer was coming to Queens to join Jacob deGrom and form the best 1-2 punch in the Majors, you shouted "Drago!" [...]

How Billy Eppler could complete the roster puzzle

Just as we were enjoying one of the most exciting Mets off-seasons in years, the MLB lockout shut off the gas on the hot stove. Have you ever been really into a movie and the cable or the power goes out? Now we have awkward, speculative conversations while we sit and wait...and wait. While team [...]

Buck Showalter and the importance of defense

In corporate leadership speak, the bus driver is the one with vision, leading the charge. One of the most critical keys to success is making sure everyone is in the right seat. That is, making sure everyone is best positioned to perform optimally and support organizational goals. Just as a president doesn't want a top [...]

Mets fans deserve a free agent jackpot

For far too many years, Mets fans have had to feign excitement over second tier free agents like Bobby Bonilla and Jason Bay, and way-past-their-prime free agents like Michael Cuddyer and Mo Vaughn. Meanwhile, across town, Yankee fans were laughing their way to the playoffs as their deep-pocketed ownership forked over whatever it took to [...]

Five ways for the Mets to shake up the snow globe

On paper, the Mets have had a roster brimming with talent that hasn't sniffed the post-season in five years. Whether you blame it on injuries, luck, coaching, or organizational approach, it's obvious we can't bring the exact same squad back for 2022. Here are five creative ways for the GM-to-be-named-later to shake things up. 1- [...]

An off-season game plan for the GM to be named later

Whoever is named as the new President of Baseball Operations (quickly please) will anoint a new General Manager (quickly please) and that person will be immediately presented with a complicated to do list. MattyMets presents a cheat sheet so they can hit the ground running and get us back in contention in 2022. New On-Field [...]