If you live in the New York area and listen to the “Boomer and Carton Show” on WFAN, then you may know that they like to play a certain sound bite when talking about the Mets’ utility player Jordany Valdespin.

That being: “I’m the man right now!” Here is a link for a primer.

Those immortal words were uttered after Valdespin played the hero back in May when he hit a three-run, game-winning home run off Phillies’ closer Jonathan Papelbon.

With Valdespin just starting to grasp the English language, maybe something was lost in translation, but it’s a humorous little clip nonetheless. On the flipside, it does show the confidence that Valdespin has in himself.

Well, with the way he is playing of late, Valdespin might be turning into the “man” as the versatile player is starting to have his impact felt on the field. In his last 13 games, Valdespin is 11-35 with one home run, one triple, four doubles and nine runs driven in.

While his overall numbers (including a .224/.250/.431 slash line) are less than stellar, it has been Valdespin’s heart and clutchness of late that is capturing the hearts of Mets’ fans. Valdespin does have the knack for coming up with a clutch hit, as both of his home runs hit this year have come as a pinch-hitter.

Mets’ manager Terry Collins is starting to warm up to the idea of playing Valdespin more often. After Wednesday’s game, Valdespin has now started the last three games. Collins likes the fact that Valdespin has speed while also possessing a ‘thunder bat.’

“He’s adding some spark and adding some energy,” Collins told reporters about why he is using Valdespin more often. Collins added, “The last few games he’s played, we’ve won.”

The problem is finding a permanent spot for Valdespin.

With his experiment at shortstop being an abomination, the only spot for Valdespin to earn his keep has been the two places he’s played in the last three games: left field and second base.  Well, with Daniel Murphy firmly entrenched at second base, the only position for Valdespin to capitalize on his talents is in left field.

With Jason Bay chronically being hurt and underachieving, if Valdespin  keeps up this pace, he will be in line for significant playing time with the Mets in left. At the very least, when Bay is healthy to return Collins should at least entertain the idea of platooning Bay and Valdespin.

Who knows if Valdespin can keep this up, but he does personify the Mets’ scrappy and hard-working image. With the way he has been playing, Valdespin deserves a shot at routine playing time.

It’s the least you could do for “the man right now!”

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6 comments on “Jordany Valdespin: “I’m the man right now!”

  • Brian Joura

    Lucky for Valdespin that he doesn’t have to deal with “The Cabal” like Lastings Milledge did. Maybe Milledge would have turned out to be a stiff anyway – it’s not like he hit elsewhere – but it’s hard enough to play in the majors without feeling like your teammates are against you, too.

    Right now Valdespin has earned the chance to play and good for Collins to find a way to get his bat in there. And if anything, he should platoon with Hairston, not Bay. We should no longer bend over backwards to get Bay in the lineup.

  • Metsense

    The Mets need a left handed bat to platoon with Hairston in LF until Baxter recovers from injury. Valdespin can fit that role and maybe even win the platoon job permanently. This will mean Rottino will be demoted. As long as Valdespin gets at bats while at the major league level then he should stay up, otherwise it will infringe on his development. I’m also not as confident that Murphy is “firmly entrenched at 2B” because he is in the lineup for his bat and besides the obvious lack of power his average has also gone south. Daniel needs a hot streak or he may find himself as the utility player that many projected him to be. Finally, it would be to Jordany’s benefit to learn that it is more important when other’s say “He’s the man”. If he watches and learns from Johan, RA and David he will realize this.

  • Charlie Hangley

    I still think one of Valdespin/Murphy will be traded for bullpen help if the Mets are still in the hunt.

    • Chris

      I agree completely. The numbers dont add up otherwise. Interestingly, I remember back at the end of spring training, one of the biggest knocks on the Mets was that they were super thin, and after the first injury would crumble stale bread. Well, lets see, if we look into this, the one real positive of the injury list is that it provided real opportunities to test that idea, and it was wrong (well, except on the hill). The Mets are deeper than we thought and like an article here (right?) some time back said, “The kids are alright.” This season is turning out to shine some real light on whats going right in the organization.

  • Ronald Chavez

    Terry Collins should have put Valdespin from the start of the season. He has more speed than Murphy and bats much better than him. Valdespin, overall, has more determination and desire to win than Murphy, and right know we need batters who are able to score runs.

  • L Chas

    I would like the Valdespin “I’m the man right now” sound bite as a ringtone. How would I go about doing that.
    Thanks in advance.

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