Jonathon Niese goes up against Donovan Solano, Justin Ruggiano, Nick Green and the rest of the Marlins tonight at 7:10.

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One comment on “Mets Game Chatter – 8/7/12

  • Peter Hyatt

    Tough game. I wasn’t a Reyes fan when he was here; I’m too old school to appreciate his antics. It was interesting to hear the two former players turned announcers even mentioning the dancing, selfishness, etc.

    I find it fascinating that a ball player who makes millions of dollars, has constant 24/7 attention on him, close ups, fan adoration, endorsements, and so on, still feels the need to use his appearance to draw even more attention to himself, via the excessive jewelry or hair style. What causes such an insatiable need for attention in someone who has more attention in life than imaginable?

    I love the old school players who’s dress up is nothing more than a dirty uniform.

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