While, of course, you should take this with a huge grain of salt, but so far the Mets are putting some fears to bed that they are some sort of power-sapped bunch. We’ve been led to believe that the only way for the Mets to be successful is to to manufacture runs.

Of course the sample size is extremely small, but the Mets have walloped four home runs-which have accounted for 10 of the 19 runs they have scored- thus far in the two wins they collected against the Padres. Collin Cowgill, Lucas Duda, Ike Davis and John Buck have all put some good  swings on the ball this week and in the process they are entertaining the masses at Citi Field.

Good times indeed.

Wait, we have been here before-although not with the prodigious pop. If you recall, we are all so giddy when our beloved Mets swept the Braves at home in the first week of action last year en route to starting the season 4-0. We all thought things were perhaps on the upswing, only to have our dreams crushed in the second half of the season.

Regardless, it always helps when you get off to a good start. However, for the Mets though, it’s how you finish in which you are defined-not how you start. Regardless, you gotta start somewhere and it is indeed refreshing to see the Mets slug their way to a 2-0 record.

For the Mets to go anywhere this season and exceed expectations they are going to have hit their worth in weight and it starts by hitting some more long balls. You know, chicks do love the long ball. We know we’ll get close to 20+ home runs from David Wright and an additional 30 or so from Davis. The wild cards though, are what we can get out of Duda, Cowgill, Buck and Daniel Murphy. Most recognize that hitters like Ruben Tejada and Marlon Byrd are not going to approach double digits in home runs, but the aforementioned foursome hold the key to the Mets’ possible power surge.

Duda, Cowgill, Buck and Murphy could give the team anywhere from 40 to 80 home runs, depending how they maximize their potential. If they all come closer to the mark of 80, then the Mets might be in a position to surpass the modest expectations placed upon them this year.

We know that Duda and Buck have legitimate power. And we have been sold a bag of goods that Murphy and Cowgill have the upside to hit more dingers. So, when you combine these four players with Wright and Davis, we can possibly be looking at a home run renaissance.

No, this team won’t remind any one of the Darryl Strawberry-led 80’s squads or the 2006 edition that trotted out Wright, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado on an everyday basis, but with a little luck and anticipated improvement we could be witnessing a power resurgence in Queens.

Now, how do you like them (Home Run) apples?

9 comments on “Home-run happy Mets offer hope for power resurgence

  • peter

    While it’s nice to see the Mets hitting home runs against a lousy San Diego pitching staff its the defense and the bullpen that will determine how far this team will go. If the bullpen can’t hold an 8-0 lead…. We’ll be right where we left off last season.

  • Brian Joura

    Here are the top 3 HR hitting teams in Mets history and their W-L record:

    1. 2006 – 200 HR (97-65)
    2. 2000 – 198 HR (94-68)
    3. 1987 – 192 HR (92-70)

    Only 9 times in franchise history have they averaged more than 1 HR per game.

  • Chris F

    Has anyone seen if Duda’s HR has landed yet?

  • Metsense

    Byrd has hit double digits in 5 of 6 of the last years. Buck is an upgrade over Thole. Cowgill is the wild card. If he hits 15t that would be a real plus.OBP is important but OPS or wBA are better indicators. BTW the Mets are in first place, just like last June. LGM

    • Dan Stack

      Yeah, I just don’t see Byrd hitting for much power in these later years of his career, but I am excited about Cowgill’s prospects.

  • Name

    Not to discredit anyone because you don’t get to choose your opponents, but yesterday they did face Clayton Richards, who led the league in HR’s allowed while playing half his games at PetCo. But then you have to add in some credit because it was a raw cold day in April at Citi Field so i guess it sort of evens out.
    It is imperative that the Mets get out to a good start, and they have a great chance because of the weak schedule and facing weak pitchers from the Pads and Marlins will do wonders for confidence of both the fans and the players.

    • Charlie Hangley

      First 12 games of 2013: Mets face SD, MIA, PHIL & MIN. They could — realitically — be 10-2.

      • Charlie Hangley

        Or they could just as easily go 6-6 or 5-7, after last night’s evidence…

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