Yes, it’s too early to start judging players and their numbers. The Mets season is only nine games old and some players haven’t rounded into shape just yet.

Ike Davis is struggling with the bat and is swinging (and missing) at everything and Collin Cowgill – who got off to a quick start – has drastically cooled off. He’s only gotten one hit in his last 18 at-bats.

There have already been some flashes of brilliance from some of the Mets and this could just be the beginning of retribution for some players who almost seemed like they were counted out before the season even began by some analysts and writers.

It’s only a small sample size of 15 at-bats, but Jordany Valdespin, who some predicted wouldn’t even make the Opening Day roster leads the team in batting average (if you don’t include pitcher Jonathon Niese).

Valdespin has already burned up the base paths with a triple, three runs scored and two stolen bases and is proving why speed can be such an asset, especially on a team such as the Mets, who lack scoring punch.

In 11 at-bats, Mike Baxter is showing some signs of why he should be playing more often then not.

His .364 average ranks him third on the team behind Valdespin and John Buck. He’s been patient at the plate, already drawing five walks and coming around to score three times. He’s even added a double and a stolen base for good measure.

These small sample sizes show that the Mets do indeed have players who contain the potential that GM Sandy Alderson has talked about in the past.

Many rolled their eyes at the depth of talent the Mets actually possessed, but maybe Alderson was right and the eye rollers were wrong. Or maybe the season is so fresh and brand new that pitchers haven’t figured out these guys just yet.

Whatever the case, the flashes of brilliance have opened up my eyes so far and Valdespin and Baxter have been impressive.

It’s quite obvious that Buck is also tearing the cover off of the ball, so much so that even a new hash tag has been created on Twitter and a t-shirt has even popped up, but is anyone else opening up your eyes early on this season?

If so, leave their name in the comments section below and tell us why they’ve shined for you.


4 comments on “Jordany Valdespin, Mike Baxter to Prove People Wrong

  • Dan Stack

    I believe you have to make a commitment to Valdespin one way or another. Don’t let him rot on the bench. Play him full time, send him to Vegas or trade him.

  • Metsense

    The other big surprise is that Dan Murphy is hitting the ball with authority. Everything he hits seems to be off the wall or over it. He has also been part of a few nice defensive double plays also. This maybe the year Murphy puts it all together.

  • Rob Rogan

    Well I agree with the sentiment on Valdespin. I’ve been saying to plug him in center and keep him there until/if he proves he most definitely is not a starter. It’s clear that he’s improved his approach at the plate. The real test will be when teams start making adjustments to him. His ability to readjust will determine whether or not he is a starter or just a super-sub.

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