Sure, why not write another Ike Davis column!

You see, a lot has changed in the last week, as Josh Satin (Davis’ direct replacement) has gone on a tear and appears steadfast in wanting to keep the job at first base. Also, Davis is doing his best to reclaim the job, as he has now gone back-to-back games with hitting a home run in Las Vegas.

Satin, who hit his first career home run on Wednesday night, is blistering hot and now sports a mind-boggling .390/.510/.561 slash line (prior to Friday night’s game) to go with a sterling 1.071 OPS. Obviously you can’t sit Satin in favor of Davis while he is this hot, as that would set a terrible example.

On the flipside, though, when do you give Davis a fair chance to recapture his old job? In other words, what more does Davis have to do in Vegas to get the call back up to Queens? Or is his promotion directly tied exclusively to how Satin is doing?

Sure, Davis could use a little more instruction while working to stay consistent. However, through 21 games and 75 ABs, Davis is sporting a healthy 1.091 OPS to go along with seven home runs.

It’s safe to say that Davis got the message loud and clear that he was underperforming. He’s been in Vegas for nearly three weeks and has done what was asked of him. He took instructions, made some necessary adjustments and the results are starting to pay off.

When the Mets sent down Davis, it wasn’t to punish him, but rather it was a move to get him well and confident. By the looks of it, Davis has regained some of that lost confidence.

So, given what Satin has been doing (while having the luxury of facing a ton of lefties) lately and what Davis is capable of, it may be in the Mets’ best interest to at least platoon Satin with Davis. That may be the fairest solution.

Davis, for sure, has had his share of patented long, cold dry spells, but he has proven he can play in the major leagues. Just remember, all the major league data we have on Satin is what’s he’s done in 71 at-bats.

For those who are high on Satin, is 71 at-bats enough evidence?

Again, Satin should be applauded for the effort and production he has given the Mets-it’s been well received. Satin’s production has come at a time when the Mets have actually played some solid baseball. However, it’s still a bit shortsighted to suggest Satin can be a more productive first baseman than Davis based solely on this current hot streak.

Give Davis another chance and see if he can keep pace with Satin. If he can’t then maybe that’s the time you reassess Davis’ role with this club. But until then, Davis should be given a fair chance to reclaim his job while at least getting the majority of at-bats against righties.

8 comments on “What does Ike Davis have to do to get his job back?

  • blastingzone

    Terry has already said he will NOT platoon Davis and Satin at first base of course he has said things before and changed his mind as often as he changes starting lineups so who knows? Nothing against Satin he’s doing a great job but Ike Davis should get his job back at least
    long enough to prove he’s still the player the mets thought he is instead of being the Wally
    Pip of the mets! Trade Murphy and play Satin at 2nd base?

  • peter

    I disagree about giving first base back to Ike. Let him show Met management that he has turned the corner first before anointing him as the starting first base man. Platoon him with Satin. If he continues to make strides and improve not only on his hitting but his mental approach as well while cutting down on his strike outs, then and only then should Met management consider Ike as their starting first base man. Show the fan base that you care and have the desire and fire to stay here for the long term.

  • Brian Joura

    According to Jeff Sackmann’s MLE calculator, Davis’ .293/.424/.667 line at Triple-A translates to a .222/.330/.477 line for the Mets.

    I’d be surprised if the power translated that way in real life. However, I’m encouraged by 18 Ks in 92 PA. He’s either not fishing as much as he was previously or minor leaguers don’t know to throw him a breaking ball a foot out of the strike zone when they get to 2 strikes.

    I wanted to see 3 things from Davis in the minors – a consistent batting stance, less movement with his hands pre-swing and an acknowledgment that he wasn’t more important than the team. When Wally Backman signs off on those things, then I’ll look to see how he best fits on the team.

  • Greg Raleigh

    To me it’s pretty simple. You have two guys with similar high OPS’s but one guy is in the minors leagues hitting against minor league pitching. The guy in the minor leagues still hasn’t done enough, even if he’s hitting more home runs. If you bring him up, he sits, or he plays another position.

  • sub_ubica

    Beware of AAA stats at Las Vegas. Its not even a minor league ball park – its a little league park. Josh Satin has below average power – yet he hit 9 homers in 59 games at Vegas, when his minor league high in a full season is 14. Davis has to show a lot more before he’s brought back up – and Vegas can mask whether a batter is actually performing well.

  • Dan Stack

    Well, speak of the devil, whether you like it or not, Ike is on his way back.

  • Metsense

    I think that this stinks. Satin has played extremely well and doesn’t deserve to sit – yet. Davis has done fine in Las Vegas but right now, July 5th, Satin is the better player that is helping the Mets win.
    So Ike is back, but it should be in a platoon. Ike is back because it is the start of a road trip away from the boo birds of Citi, he is being paid 3.13M dollars ,it is harder to trade him if he is on a minor league roster and there is a spot on the roster for a position player. The money matters on the Mets, case in point, Bay played over Hairston consistently.
    What the Mets do with Davis has a direct influence on Duda’s career. A decision has to be made before 2014 between the two if this team is to move forward, and ideally before Duda is ready to come off the disabled list.

  • Michael Geus

    Not much.

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