A lot has been said of late regarding the trade value of New York Mets’ closer Bobby Parnell. Considering the Mets-albeit playing good baseball of late-are not likely to contend for a playoff spot, it would be seem logical for them to dangle some of their expendable commodities.

However, is Parnell expendable?

General Manager Sandy Alderson has previously stated his intentions to keep Parnell, while rejecting overtures from other contending ball clubs. After all, a relief pitcher of Parnell’s caliber doesn’t grow on trees. Parnell is certainly pitching this year as if he’s not expendable.

Parnell is pitching lights out thus far, en route to having his best ever season with the Mets. In 40 games and 41 innings pitched, Parnell has 16 saves (out of 19 chances) to go along with a 2.41 ERA, 0.90 WHIP and .190 BAA. Parnell also has solid K (7.7 K/9) and BB (2.2 BB/9) rates while also factoring into nine decisions, as he has a 5-4 record. For a matter of reference, Jeremy Hefner has only four wins and Parnell is just one win behind Dillon Gee (six) and two wins behind Harvey (seven).

Teams like the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers—who need bullpen help stat—could perhaps, offer a sweet enough deal for Parnell. But until that time, Alderson should hold onto Parnell, as he will be a valued commodity when the Mets will be able to contend.

So, what’s good enough value for Parnell?

It’s hard to say, but according to some, the players who may be on the block from Boston and Detroit are Jackie Bradley Jr. and Avisail Garcia, collectively. While there is a lot of upside in Bradley and Garcia’s games, they may not be prospects the Mets want to bank on in exchange for Parnell.

The players who could be game-changers and may ultimately sway Alderson’s mind could be the Sox’ Xander Bogaerts and the Tigers’ Nick Castellanos.

These two players could be impact players down the line and their potential could be enticing enough for Alderson to consider a deal for Parnell.

However, neither Boston nor Detroit will be likely to shop their most coveted assets, even if they need bullpen help in the worst way.  So, unless Alderson gets blown away at the deadline, he should keep Parnell and have him be part of the future core make-up of the Mets.

6 comments on “Mets have to be overwhelmed to trade Bobby Parnell

  • peter

    You can’t trade Parnell for players down the road who may or may not pan out. Sorry but to me that’s insane. If Detroit is that desperate and they lose Peralta to suspension then maybe you do Garcia and Jackson in return for Parnell,Duda or Murphy and Tejada. The Mets don’t have to give up Parnell in a trade. I would pit Detroit against Boston until one of the two made an offer that I couldn’t refuse. Philadelphia is still close enough to the Braves that I don’t think they’ll trade Papelbon.

  • Metsense

    The Mets are not going to make the playoffs this year (even at their current pace it will be 86 wins) so it would be wise to dangle Parnell in front of Detroit and Boston. A team that close may go for the ring (Beltran/Wheeler). Bogaerts would be the prime target, even if it meant expanding the trade. Young, hitting SS are a find. Garcia may be a better pickup than Castellanos because he is a 5 tool corner OF where as Castellanos (a better hitter)is just learning the position.
    I think Parnell has developed into a good closer, and I like him, but the Mets have a plethora of young power arms in the minors (some starters that may never develop that elusive third pitch) that eventually could replace Parnell.

  • Jerry Grote

    I’ll say this: I’m sure other GMs are noticing that you deal with Sandy Alderson at your own risk. He’s destroyed AA and Sabean two years in a row.

    Much as I’d be on board with getting Xander Bogearts or Nick Castellanos or Joc Pederson or Jackie Bradley … my sense would be that Det/Bos won’t get in line for a pasting by our GM.

    Besides, I’m relishing in a team that beat up on the vaunted WC SF pitching staff to the tune of 21 runs in three games … while pretty much completely shutting down Buster Posey and that friggin Panda Bear. A great morning to be a Mets fan.

  • Chris F

    Id do Bogaerts or Castellanos in a heart beat. If the taste of the ring is so strong, like in both Detroit and Boston, the urge to go for another helping at the buffet line may be too much to resist. I agree Jerry Grote, neither would relish going to battle with SA, but desperate times call for desperate measures. For god’s sake, Leyland is talking about how good Benoit is as a closer…which can only be a signal that they are desperate as that fails at face value, even to the marginally interested by stander.

    Interesting “stat” I heard the other day. Of 30 MLB teams, only 3 have the same closer as 2 years ago. They come and go with no rhyme or reason. Fernando Rodney is bad, no he’s the best ever, no he’s not. Grilli…came from where? In 2 years there’s absolutely no reason to believe Parnell will be some lock down closer for the Mets. If we can get a blue chipper from a desperate team, Im all in.

  • Metsense
    • Chris F

      exactly my point. Id move Parnell in a millisecond.

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