TurnerAlthough he had a solid outing (going 2-4 with three RBI’s)  in Friday night’s 5-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, while giving Omar Quintanilla a spell at shortstop, could we be looking at Justin Turner’s last few months with the New York Mets?

With the Mets calling up prospect Wilmer Flores this week, Turner’s role as super-utility player could be in peril as we head to the 2014 season.

Although, that’s based on the assumption that Flores and Daniel Murphy will both be a part of next year’s squad. With all of the above adept at playing second base, the Mets could conceivably move Murphy or Flores in the offseason to address some other pressing needs.

If the Mets do move either Murphy or Flores, then it could open up a spot for Turner to come back in his utility role.

However, haven’t we seen enough of Turner? Is he worth holding on to? It’s seems like he’s reached his ceiling.

The career .257 hitter, who doesn’t hit for power nor boasts any speed, is hardly the asset he once was.

When he first came up for good in 2011, Turner hit right off the bat and endeared himself to Mets’ fans for his ability to drive in runs and come up with clutch hits. He also has become a popular player in the clubhouse, constantly goofing off and lightening up the mood in the locker room. And what about those celebratory pies for each walk-off hero?

You got to like Turner, though. He has all the intangibles you want in a ballplayer. He hustles, he battles in every at bat and gets along well with other players and coaches. But this is a results-oriented business and Turner is just not pulling his weight with the club anymore.

We have likely seen the best of Turner. At 28, and with a career .257/.323/.350 slash line to go with just six home runs and 83 RBI’s in 762 at bats, Turner is a replaceable player.

If the player to replace Turner is Flores, well that remains to be seen, but even if it is not, 2013 could still be Turner’s swan song with the Mets.

10 comments on “Could this be the end of Justin Turner’s time with the Mets?

  • Steve S.

    I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite awhile. How bad is Flores as a backup SS anyway?

  • Jerseymet

    I hope not. Turner is a young veteran utility player with the mental toughness for filling in. Wilmer is a blossoming rookie with a huge upside; he should not be wasted on the bench. Wilmer should play everyday. Don’t try to make him a utility man.

  • Brian Joura

    Turner is an MLB-quality player.

    I’d rather have Satin and a true backup SS on the roster instead of him. If he has any trade value at all – we should thank him for his time with the club, wish him well with his new team and deal him.

  • Metsense

    This year Turner played all four infield positions but is he really a backup SS? a utility corner infielder without any power? Or  a versatile backup major league second baseman that coud start on about 25% of the teams in the major leagues? I think the third choice. Turner no longer has a role on the 2014 team because Satin plays his positions. Who would you rather have Satin or Turner? I like Turner, and there is a spot for him in baseball, but I choose Satin.

  • Jerry Grote

    On some levels, I think we don’t really have too many 2B. We have too many 3B.

    Turner improves the starters for at least three or four teams at 3B. So does Murphy, and Satin.

    Won’t surprise me in the least if the guy gets to an All Star game in three or four years. Best wishes, thanks for the memories. NEXT.

  • Name

    Basically the definition of utility/replacement level player. Is hitting arbitration for the 1st time and even though he won’t make more than 800-900k, I think that money could be spent better elsewhere.

  • Paul

    I think Justin Turner’s real competition next year will come from Josh Satin and Omar Quintanilla. I can’t see Daniel Murphy and Wilmer Flores both sticking around; one will probably be traded to address other needs.

  • eric

    Turner could NOT “start on 25% of Major League Teams”….. his value lies in his ability to give you a serviceable game or a few innings of play or a competitive at bat within sporadic playing time. He has minor trade value, and there’s no big hurry or reward to trading or dumping him.

    JERSEY has it right…Turner is the guy who takes the spot role and allows you to keep a young player with upper end in the minors (Playing Every Day).

    • Metsense

      Turner has a career .677 OPS in 2013 and there are 8 major league teams that have less than that OPS at second base. There were 11 teams in 2012 and 13 teams in 2011 with lower OPS than Turner so I stand by my statement.
      Eric, I do agree where you place his value but the team needs better roster construction in 2014 and Turner’s role on the team is diminished to the point that his roster spot could be filled by a more productive player.

  • dbanbahji

    I think muno is a better option.

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