360It seems like there are a lot of Mets sites out there. But does anyone have any idea how many? It feels like the number should be in triple digits, but that’s just a guess. Let’s limit this to active blogs (pour out a 40 for the late, great 2 Guys Talking Mets) with a requirement that they published something here in 2015. Here’s a list of 15 to get you started:

213 Miles From Shea (Elliot)
Amazin’ Avenue
Blogging Mets (Name)
Centerfield Maz (Paul)
Collect the Mets (Paul)
Faith and Fear in Flushing
Just Mets (Niko)
Mack’s Mets
Mets By The Numbers
Mets Chronicle
Mets Fantasy Cards (Randall)
Mets Merized Online
Mets Minor League Blog (Chris F)
Mets Plus (Name)
New York Mets Report
Rising Apple (Name)
Studious Metsimus
The Daily Stache
The Ed Kranepool Society (Charlie)
The Mets Police

If you have one to add, mention it in the comments section, provide a link and tell me the last day they published. Once verified, they will be added to the list. Also, feel free to take a guess about how many blogs we’ll end up with as a final tally.

Also, if you’re the owner or a writer for a certain blog, please alert me to any changes in capitalization, spacing or punctuation. This one is Mets360 with no spaces.

27 comments on “Just how many Mets sites are out there?

  • Charlie Hangley

    The Ed Kranepool Society (Steve Keane) http://www.kranepoolsociety.com/

    last published on 1/12/15

    Editor’s Note – added to the list

  • Mack Ade

    There’s a 2nd Mets Merized site dedicated to the minors (MetsMinors.?). You may want to contact Joe D for the details.

    And there is Toby Hyde’s site

  • Since68

    Is NYFS toast?

  • Mike Koehler

    What about My Mets Journal (http://mymetsjournal.blogspot.com)? Joe Petruccio does all those drawings during the season; last one was deGrom winning ROY.

    • Patrick Albanesius

      That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Thank you!

  • Name

    I did a quick google search and found

    Rising Apple

    Blogging Mets

    Mets Plus

    Editor’s Note – These have been added to the list.

  • James Preller

    It’s actually not that many when you get down to it. Only 10 are any good, in terms of interesting content. There’s a few I check every day, and a few I’ll read if the topic is compelling.

    So much of the blogosphere — on any topic — is dominated by folks chasing SEO numbers by piggy-backing on someone else’s original work. So there will be a well-researched, well-written article in the NY Times and 3 minutes later (if that long) several blogs will run nearly the identical headline, snip the salient paragraphs, then offer an opinion. It’s a tedious game and that’s how the internet works. Which is why I like it here so much: you guys think your own thoughts.

    I liked “2 Guys.” Nice of you to remember them.


    • Patrick Albanesius

      That’s awesome of you to say so.

  • Mack Ade

    “several blogs will run nearly the identical headline, snip the salient paragraphs, then offer an opinion”

    Yeah, I know what you mean.

    I do this every morning in my morning report along with my personal thoughts and reflections. I’m trying to come up with 1000 words a day in each report to start the day off and give my loyal comment makes something they can sink their teeth into.

    • Brian Joura

      My interpretation of JP’s remark was that it was not directed towards your Morning Report, which both of us read more days than not.

      Instead, my take is that he was talking about sites where all they do is steal the hard work of others and look to cash in on it while offering little value in return. Both you and MetsBlog will quote other pieces and offer your own take on it. But you never try to pass it off as your work and it’s not the only thing that you do.

      • Mack Ade

        Oh, I wasn’t being critical of JP.

        I just felt it necessary to point out why I do what I do in the mornings, that’s all.

    • James Preller

      Mack, I don’t think you do it at all. I don’t want to name other sites in a negative way here, but if you look at Sports Spyder it’s obvious what’s going on.

      I’m a big fan of Mack’s Mets.

  • Chris F

    Great news Brian. I see Adam Rubin has added M360 to his blogroll — that should generate some traffic.

    • Patrick Albanesius

      That song, “Here comes the boom” just ran through my head.

  • Raff

    A little off-topic- Loved “Two-Guys Talking Mets Baseball”- It was a sort of “boutique” site- Original thought and opinions – a daily get-together of friends talking baseball, one topic at a time, sharing the forum with other fans, with an Elton John-Bernie Taupin “Two-Rooms” feel. I like “360” for the same reasons- each article generates its own self-selected chat-parlor around a topic which interests the writer and their participants. Big enough to get a wide sample and exchange of views, but small enough to generate a sense that one is personally exchanging viewpoints and challenging viewpoints expressed by others.

  • Julian

    It may seem corny/cheesy to say this, but it’s actually kind of cool to see this many sites. At times, it seems that the breed of Mets fans is shrinking by the hour but it’s nice to see that people still want to talk Mets baseball. In the grand scheme of the world baseball, and specifically the Mets, aren’t too relevant- but it’s great to see people of different backgrounds and opinions being able to share their ideas.

  • Michael Geus

    That 2 Guys site sounds lame, no wonder it is toast. Delco’s has a site, I forget the name.

  • Michael Geus

    Biggest problem for any Mets blog in this era is that this team never transacts. Makes for some very long winters.

  • Matt Netter

    Brian – great shout out to 2 Guys Talkin Mets. I always felt like I wanted to crack a beer when I read that blog. In addition to their insights, humor and unique approach, they didn’t pull punches when it came to criticism of ownership and management. I was sad to see it go.

  • Paul

    Here are two more niche ones for you:

    centerfield maz (A historical Mets blog)
    http://www.centerfieldmaz.com/ (last post – Jan. 20)

    Collect the Mets (baseball cards)
    http://www.collectthemets.com/ (last post – Jan. 19)

    I was depressed to go through that section of my RSS feed reader & realize just how many of the Mets blogs that I used to read are no longer around.

    Editor’s Note – These have been added to the list

    • Name

      Found another niche site

      Mets by the Numbers

      last posted Jan 9th

      • Brian Joura

        In the original listing.

        Thank you for contributing the three sites earlier.

  • Jim OMalley

    I love them all!!!!!

  • Randall Cosentino

    Mets Fantasy Cards
    last updated Jan. 20

    Editor’s Note – This has been added to the list

  • Elliot Teichman

    213 Miles From Shea!

    Active since 2007, last post this morning!

    Editor’s Note – This has been added to the list

  • Niko Goutakolis

    Hello, Niko here from MetsPlus.com. You can add “Just Mets” at JustMets.net and Adam Rubin’s “Mets Blog ESPN” to the list.

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