This is a project where 30 people got together to act as the GMs of the 30 MLB teams with the idea of conducting the offseason in one week. This is what happened in this simulation, not a prediction of what will happen in real life.

By Greg Jarvis

Mark Trumbo – FA
Matt Wieters – FA
Darren O’Day – Trade
Ubaldo Jimenez – Trade

Evan Gattis, C – Trade
Jesse Hahn, SP – Trade
Alex Avila, C – FA
Brandon Moss, OF – FA
Michael Saunders, OF – FA
Aaron Hill, IF – FA
Stephen Drew, IF – FA

The Orioles’ main targets for this off season were to resign Mark Trumbo and Matt Wieters, as well as strengthen starting pitching. Unfortunately, we were outbid on Wieters and Trumbo and had to turn in another direction.

With the loss of Wieters, it was imperative to pick up some catcher depth to not rely Caleb Joseph. The addition of Alex Avila as a free agent helped in that area. Also, in an attempt to drop some salary, we were able to pick up Evan Gattis in a trade for Ubaldo Jimenez dropping his unpredictability as well as his $13.5 million contract for a net gain of $8.3 million back on the payroll.

With Trumbo leaving the team, outfield depth was also addressed with free agent pick ups of Brandon Moss and Michael Saunders. Infield depth was also addressed with the pick ups of Aaron Hill and Stephen Drew.

A trade with Darren O’Day gained the Orioles a starting pitcher in Jesse Hahn while also losing O’Day’s $6 million salary in exchange for Hahn’s $600k that cleared space for other free agent additions. The Orioles also elevated Dylan Bundy, Tyler Wilson and Mike Wright to the 25-man roster to fill in pitching holes.

Name Position 2017      
Chris Davis 1B $21,118,782 Signed    
Adam Jones CF $16,000,000 Signed    
Evan Gattis C $5,200,000 Trade Obtained for Ubaldo Jimenez  
J.J. Hardy SS $14,000,000 Signed    
Yovani Gallardo SP $11,000,000 Signed    
Zach Britton RP $11,400,000 ARB    
Chris Tillman SP $10,600,000 ARB    
Wade Miley SP $8,750,000 Signed    
Jesse Hahn SP $600,000 Trade Obtained for Darren O’Day  
Alex Avila C $6,500,000 FA    
Brandon Moss OF $12,200,000 FA    
Aaron Hill IF $8,000,000 FA    
Stephen Drew IF $5,200,000 FA    
Michael Saunders OF $12,200,000 FA    
Manny Machado SS $11,200,000 ARB    
Hyun-soo Kim LF $4,200,000 Signed    
Vance Worley RP $3,300,000 ARB    
Dylan Bundy SP $540,000 Tender    
Ryan Flaherty 3B $1,700,000 ARB    
Brad Brach RP $2,900,000 ARB    
Kevin Gausman SP $3,900,000 ARB    
Caleb Joseph C $1,000,000 ARB    
Jonathan Schoop 2B $3,400,000 ARB    
Tyler Wilson RP $600,000 Tender    
Mike Wright RP $600,000 Tender    
TOTAL – BAL   $154,990,000.00      
  Cap 155,000,000    

4 comments on “GM Project 2016-17: Baltimore Orioles

  • Brian Joura

    Gattis caught enough in the second half of last year to not have to be too frightened of counting on him to be your primary catcher next season. Cheaper than Wieters and likely to be a better overall player, too.

    I wonder what happened to Michael Saunders’ defense last year. Is he an OF for you or a DH?

  • Jonathan Williams

    I like it. The lineup is probably even stronger than last year and a little less Homer or Bust. I like the young guys in the rotation but I probably would have tried to get a solid veteran or two for depth. Hahn is nice but I’d like to see arms with more track record.

  • David Groveman

    I liked your offseason.

    Gattis was a coup and your free agent acquisitions worked.

    I’ll say more in my article.

    Good Job!

    • TexasGusCC


      Nice job, but did you consider cheaper back infielders to maybe improve another area? Overall, I’d love to see the Orioles have this team.

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