This is a project where 30 people got together to act as the GMs of the 30 MLB teams with the idea of conducting the offseason in one week. This is what happened in this simulation, not a prediction of what will happen in real life.

By Mark C. Healey

Last year was the first time that Brian Joura asked me to be part of the GM Project.

I got the Kansas City Royals, and without going into any major details, I did a pretty terrible job.

I used the excuse that I had just had major eye surgery, but really, I just did a bad job.

I asked for and received the Yankees this season for a variety of reasons, mainly because I wanted to see what I could do with the resources at hand.

One thing I definitely wanted to do was remaking the rotation and revamps the bullpen.

The Boston Red Sox offered David Price, and I offered Chase Headley, Tyler Austin, Chad Green and Gleyber Torres. They accepted.

The Arizona Diamondbacks dangled Zach Grienke, and asked for Luis Severino, Michael Pineda and Brian McCann.

That was an easy yes.

The Padres called, asked for Dellin Betances. Now I like Dellin, but his work down the stretch as a closer scared me. I happen to like Manuel Margot a lot; lots of speed, line drive with some power. I told them to throw in Tyson Ross, and we had a deal.

Risky? Maybe. But I needed to get younger and cheaper in the outfield, and I let Aaron Hicks walk.

I started to offer Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellbury in a few deals, but no one wanted Ellsbury’s contract.

The A’s said they wanted Gardner, so I asked for Ryan Madson. Deal.

I really didn’t want to deal Greg Bird, but I was outbid for Alrodis Chapman, so I dealt Bird and Donny Sands to Kansas City for Wade Davis.

I don’t have a first baseman right now; but I figure I can pick up a 1B at the Winter Meetings or in Spring Training. The roster is pitcher heavy at the moment, 14 pitchers, but by Opening Day, we’ll be ready.

Our rotation looks great; David Price, Zach Grienke, Masahiro Tanaka, C.C. Sabathia and Tyson Ross.

Wade Davis is the closer, while Ryan Madson, Adam Warren, Luis Cessa, Tyler Clippard, Bryan Mitchell and Chasen Shreve will fill out the rest of the bullpen.

The only other position player I added was Carlos Gomez, who I signed for one year at 10 million. He’ll give me some depth in the outfield, and allow me to try and see if Aaron Judge can play 1B.

I love the double-play combination of Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro, and with Headley gone, Ronald Torreyes will get the first look at third. If Judge can’t play first, Rob Refsnyder will get a look as well.

Yankees 25-Man Roster      
Johnny Barbato     $507,500
Tyson Ross     $9,625,000
Zack Grienke     $34,000,000
Luis Cessa     $507,500
Tyler Clippard     $6,150,000
Nick Goody     $507,500
Masahiro Tanaka     $22,000,000
Jonathan Holder     $507,500
Adam Warren     $1,700,000
David Price     $30,000,000
Wade Davis     $10,000,000
Bryan Mitchell     $507,500
Ryan Madson     $7,666,667
CC Sabathia     $25,000,000
Chasen Shreve     $533,400
Gary Sanchez     $507,500
Austine Romine     $556,000
Starlin Castro     $9,857,142
Didi Gregorius     $2,425,000
Rob Refsnyder     $507,500
Ronald Torreyes     $507,500
Jacoby Ellsbury     $21,142,857
Carlos Gomez     $10,000,000
Aaron Judge     $507,500
Mason Williams     $507,500

7 comments on “GM Project 2016-17: New York Yankees

  • Scott Ferguson

    Really interesting. Sort of the old school Yankees by dealing prospects for veterans and an endless payroll. Not sure if the modern day Yankees run this way, but the team you made is better in my eyes.

  • TexasGusCC

    Really liked your deals until I got to the Gardner deal, then the Wade Davis deal made me question.

    Trading a still very good everyday player for Ryan Madson to me was quite questionable.

    Then, to give up Bird and Sands for Wade Davis again, for me, is questionable. Had you somehow kept Pineda, couldn’t he close?

  • Dan

    Looks to me like you took a team that was about half way done with achieving their goal of getting younger and cutting salary…and decided “nope” and put more aging, high priced players on your roster

  • Brian Joura

    Are you really going with 15 pitchers?

    • Mark Healey

      i wasn’t planning on it…

  • MattyMets

    That’s a $130MM rotation. Great googly moogly!

  • Mark Healey

    “I don’t have a first baseman right now; but I figure I can pick up a 1B at the Winter Meetings or in Spring Training. The roster is pitcher heavy at the moment, 14 pitchers, but by Opening Day, we’ll be ready.”

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