I hear from Mets fans who think their farm system has been a problem, but the team’s 2011-13 drafts have already produced 22 big leaguers plus a few other players they traded for major-league value, and the system still has a lot of potential in starters and up-the-middle position players.

1. David Peterson, LHP (ranked No. 58)
2. Andres Gimenez, SS
3. Justin Dunn, RHP
4. Peter Alonso, 1B
5. Mark Vientos, SS
6. Anthony Kay, LHP
7. Thomas Szapucki, LHP
8. Desmond Lindsay, OF
9. Ronny Mauricio, SS
10. Jordan Humphreys, RHP

Source: ESPN.com (Insider)

Earlier, Law ranked the system 21st overall. This article goes into depth on the Mets’ organization. He’s very high on Kay, Ty Bashlor and Quinn Brodey. But he’s bearish on Corey Oswalt and David Thompson. He placed Jhoan Urena between Tomas Nido (16) and Patrick Mazeika (18), saying the latter has an “unorthodox swing.”

3 comments on “Keith Law on the Mets’ farm system

  • Eraff

    Nimmo, Smith, Rosario Teething at MLB……. then “Talent” at DSL to A/A+ ….. I do believe some of the Pitching in the Middle Levels will be useable— I’d like to see more Of Flexon in the next year or so, and I’m curious about Oswalt and maybe Molina.

    The position Guys????….it doesn’t look like a whole lot

  • TJ

    I tend to agree with the premise that the system is barren is an over exaggeration. I am no minor league expert, or expert on baseball talent, but I tend to think that, while all these lists and rankings are fun, they are a bit overrated. They are a snapshot that quickly gets stale, and as pointed out by Law, yourself, and many others, one up or down season for a small number of high draft picks makes a big difference in perception and ranking.

    I don’t see the Met system as a problem, especially given that they have recently added talent to the big league roster. Sure, it would be nice if they had Vlad Jr. or another pitcher knocking on the door, but hopefully in 2018 we see some guys excel and get on the radar.

    Lastly, in 2018, the Mets can have pre-arb players regulars Matz, Conforto, Rosario, Smith starting, and Plawecki and Nimmo seeing semi-regular time. If these guys contribute to a post -season team , that is tremendous system production. Additionally, they have other homegrown and lower cost players on the roster including all-star caliber players in deGrom and Familia. And for that matter, let’s not forget the all-star caliber Daniel Murphy producing for the division rivals. I think the Omar/Sandy system has performed quite well over the last decade, and despite some misses and gaps, it has not been the main culprit for the lack of sustained contending.

    • Brian Joura

      Yeah, I agree. I think people conveniently forget how many high-quality prospects have come up in the last 5-7 years. There are people who think that if you don’t have 10 guys ready to step in right away each and every year that the system is a failure. And that’s ridiculous.

      That’s why Joe and I are doing the draft series, to try and provide some context.

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