5 comments on “Pat Roessler on Juan Lagares’ new swing

  • Eraff

    My biggest take on Lagares is that He has given away ab’s early in the count. IMHO his big opportunity is Pitch Recognition. He’s left himself in too many defensive counts. “Pitcher Counts” have been his biggest downfall.

    • Brian Joura

      Lagares’ stats from last year:

      2-0 count, 0-9 (NL had a 1.071 OPS in this count)
      2-1 count, .714 OPS (NL had a .951 OPS)
      3-0 count, 1.000 OPS (NL had a 1.773 OPS)
      3-1 count, .639 OPS (NL had a 1.391 OPS)

      Maybe he does get into too many defensive counts. But his results with the count in his favor have been nothing to write home about. He was a guy who clearly needed to make a change if he wanted to be anything more than a good defensive player.

  • Chris F

    i call him Mr 0-1.

  • Eraff

    quick analysis—prepare to punch holes

    Juan: 272 Plate appearances… subtract the 0-0 count and he has 243 plate appearances….. 1-0/2-0/3-0/2-1/3-1… 43/243 abs…. 17% of his none first pitch counts are “Hitter’s Counts”

    Conforto: 440 PA same as above… 99 of 407 of the remaining “non first pitch counts” are “Hitter’s Counts” for Conforto…24% . He’s in Hitter’s counts 41% more Often than Juan.

    • Brian Joura

      OK, I think everyone is ready to grant that he doesn’t get into enough hitter’s counts.

      The problem remains that even when Lagares does get into hitter’s count, he’s solidly below average. So it seems to me the problem is much more that the hitting style he was using wasn’t good enough to get the job done.

      It’s why I’m eager to see what he’ll be like after he spent the offseason overhauling his approach/hitting philosophy by working with the new hitting instructors. This is his chance to be worthwhile.

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