I’m watching every minute of the World Series, with zero rooting interest, purely as a baseball fan savoring the last few games of the year. I enjoy watching some of the best players in the sport, and perhaps with a bit of envy, wishing the Mets had a bullpen full of bazookas or an electrifying all-around talent just entering his prime like Mookie Betts or Manny Machado. I love watching the Red Sox outfield shrink the gaps and gobble up seemingly every fly ball. I envy the way Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and his coaches can sift through a deep roster to optimize a lineup best suited to win that day. Or Red Sox manager Alex Cora can turn to his bullpen early and call for a reliever he can trust.

8 comments on “Friday open thread: 10/26/18

  • b

    red sox were similar to the mets

  • David Klein

    Roberts has had a terrible series. I have a feeling Brodie is getting the job, and that would be a mistake imo, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the media will push the LolMets button over Van Wagenen being Tebow’s agent, and ignoring he also represents some huge stars.

  • Name

    I don’t know how people can watch the postseason these days with the overmanaging and obsessive nature of the manager going to bullpen these days – it can barely be called baseball at this point.

    Baseball is the only major sport where the postseason does not resemble anything like the regular season. We need double headers and no off days so managers would actually be forced to use starters the regular way. don’t think a single starter this postseason has thrown 100 pitches a game.

  • b

    red sox pitchers ?

  • Met fan 4ever

    The Ace is an endangered species. He is over valued and over paid. In the 2018s he doesn’t go 6 innings and managers are reluctant to let him face a lineup a third time. Multi year contracts at 20+ million a year probably is no longer the way to go. And to make it worse pitchers break down. The bad news the Mets have two Aces.

    • TexasGusCC

      A real ace keeps going as long as he’s effective becaus the manager knows he’s the best he’s got.

  • TexasGusCC

    It seems Van Wagenen is negotiating with the Mets, but in reality, he must be negotiating with CAA. There is no way the agency can let this guy go and expect those clients to stay onboard. Too, it may hurt their chances at future clients. Plus, who wants a tougher job that would be a significant wage reduction? I know I sound like a fool, but I can’t see the logic from the Mets side or the agent’s side. He hasn’t worked in baseball before, so obviously the assistant GM’s all stay, but is that Coupon’s goal? I’m expecting logic to win out and Bloom to be introduced on Thursday or Friday.

    • Met fan 4ever

      Doesn’t seem so. All reports today say Van Wagenen. Doesn’t seem like a Met hire. Got to think it’s Jeff’s call and not Fred’s. A passing of the torch?

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