What follows is a Twitter exchange about Noah Syndergaard not paying on a lease during the pandemic. This is a couple of days old but these days I see things when I see them. Hope the lack of timeliness doesn’t detract from the overall message.

Amidst a fundamentally uninteresting dispute over an apartment lease, the Mets’ injured right-hander took on a combative tweep by referring to the current financial disagreement between players and owners.

When @GunterDawg99 wrote, “Yeah [the building’s landlord] is a monster for wanting you to live up to a lease agreement signed by both of you. How would you react if the team suddenly said yeah nah to your contract?” Thor responded: “You mean like MLB did to every Player this contract year due to the Covid pandemic? Which the players negotiated and [expected] to be paid on a [prorated] basis per [game] played because it’s fair for both parties? Like that? Did I scream BUT MY CONTRACT? No. Just shut up Chief.”

Source: Ken Davidoff, New York Post

3 comments on “Noah Syndergaard’s broken lease and broken contract

  • TexasGusCC

    Entitled. Irresponsible. Trade him.

  • David Klein

    The owners worth billions releasing a thousand minor leaguers that made no money is pretty deplorable as is their divide Alan’s conquer proposal to the mlbpa

  • Mike W

    I dont think Syndergaard has any basis to get out of his lease. He will lose the suit.

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