Topps has announced that Fernando Tatis Jr. will be the first card in their 2021 set.

Since 2016, Topps has collected a community vote to decide the top spot. Trout is the only player to have won that vote twice, in ’16 and ’20.

It’s fathomable that Tatis could join Trout one day. He’s only 22, and has already solidified himself as one of the game’s most exciting players.

Here is a list of players who have occupied the No. 1 spot since it was opened up to fan voting in 2016.

2016: Mike Trout
2017: Kris Bryant
2018: Aaron Judge
2019: Ronald Acuña Jr.
2020: Mike Trout
2021: Fernando Tatis Jr.

The article includes a video showing every #1 card in the main Topps set since 1951.

Source: AJ Cassavell,

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