You’ve probably heard about Luis Guillorme‘s epic PA yesterday. Here’s video from

Today, Baseball-Reference’s Stathead newsletter talked about Guillorme’s trip to the plate and compared it to lengthy regular season PA. Since 1988, the beginning of “consistent pitch data” for B-R, there have only been two instances where a PA has lasted for 20 or more pitches.

Ricky Gutierrez had a 20-pitch AB against Bartolo Colon in 1998 that ended in a strikeout
Brandon Belt had a 21-pitch AB against Jaime Barria in 2018 that ended in a lineout.

The B-R list had nine appearances that lasted 18 or more pitches. In those trips to the plate, batters were 1-8 with a walk. The only hit was a homer, by noted power hitter deluxe Alex Cora.

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