With a chance to sweep a four-game series and add a game to their lead for the All-Star break, the Mets instead gave up two runs in the eighth inning and suffered a 3-2 loss Sunday afternoon in Chicago.

Drew Smith surrendered the runs in the eighth and took the loss. Just as important, he helped make the case for those who want to acquire a reliever at the deadline.

David Peterson started and gave up just one run, one that would have been avoided – and about 20 pitches – if the defense had turned a double play behind him.

But the offense certainly deserves a big share of the blame for this loss. The Mets had nine hits and three walks and managed to score just two runs. And one of those came on a steal of home. With runners on the corners, Francisco Lindor was picked off first base. But he fell to the ground, eluded the tag and watched as Starling Marte scored on the play.

It was one they let get away but the big picture is that the club is in first place at the break and should be getting Jacob deGrom back for the second half. It should be a fun second half.

4 comments on “Gut Reaction: Cubs 3, Mets 2 (7/17/22)

  • MikeW

    Glad to win three of four, but we were lucky. Offense a little soft for the last three games. Hate to lose games like this today, especially when we could have picked up a game against Atlanta.

    Let the Soto rumors begin. The price will be astronomical, but is it worth it?

  • NYM6986

    Loved your last paragraph. If Jake is really back we will become very dangerous. Still want that one more big bat. LGM

  • BobP

    I still don’t understand why Escobar is getting so much playing time. Despite making a couple of nice plays on Saturday, he defense has generally not been good and he really hurt the Mets yesterday by botching a DP and as Brian mentioned, costing Peterson a lot of extra pitches, and likely causing an extra bullpen inning. The Mets have had a great first half, despite Escobar, the great teammate. As Gus has pointed out, and I’m paraphrasing, no matter how good a teammate or clubhouse guy you are, you need to produce on the field and Escobar has a bWAR of 0.0. Not good.

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: Cora made a rare misjudgement when he sent Lindor home with the go ahead run in the eighth and two outs. Lindor was out by 10 feet.
    Peterson pitched good but inefficient again. He needs to get length to cracked the starting rotation in 2023. He will. He is improving.
    Smith had a nightmare of a July with a 7+ ERA and it continued yesterday. Holderman has surpassed him in the pecking order. When deGrom is activated then Smith should go to AAA until he straightens out his problem.
    We have seen David Robertson first hand and is very good and he is available. Maybe Butto?
    It was a very good first half. Let’s continue with another series win against the Padres. LGM

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