It looked like it was going to be a deflating loss for the Mets, as they fell behind 4-0. But Eduardo Escobar single-handedly carried the Mets to the come-from-behind win, driving in all five runs as the Mets rallied for a 5-4 win in 10 innings over the Marlins. Combined with Atlanta’s loss in extra innings, the Mets head into the big series with a one-game lead over the Braves.

Taijuan Walker had pretty good stuff but gave up a two-run homer to put the Mets in a hole. The Marlins added runs in the sixth and seventh innings and it looked like another frustrating loss to a bad Marlins squad. But Escobar refused to let that happen.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Jeff McNeil led off with a single and Escobar followed with a two-run homer to cut the deficit in half. He came up again in the eighth inning, this time with the bases loaded, and hit a two-run single to tie the game. And then in the bottom of the 10th, with runners on first and second, Escobar hit one to left field. The Marlins had been playing the outfield shallow and it was a close play at the plate. But Francisco Lindor slid home safe with the winning run.

The Mets had to go to the pen early and they used up all of the “A” relievers, with Edwin Diaz pitching the ninth inning. Buck Showalter had a decision to make, whether or not to bring Diaz back for the 10th. But he pitched Tuesday and with an eye toward possibly using him in all three games in Atlanta, Showalter opted not to use him for a second inning.

Instead, he went to Drew Smith, who was fantastic and kept the zombie runner on second from scoring.

On the flip side, Seth Lugo gave up a run in his two innings. We know that relievers tend to bunch their bad outings together, usually in a span of 6-12 games. Lugo has now given up runs in four of his last seven outings. In his last 8 IP, he’s allowed 7 ER. It would be nice if he ended that streak in Atlanta this weekend.

The Mets upped their record in extra-inning games to 10-2 and they ended the year 13-6 against the Marlins.

10 comments on “Gut Reaction: Mets 5, Marlins 4 (10 INN) 9/28/22

  • NYM6986

    Great come from behind win. Was also starting to stress down 4 runs to a crappy team. With the way he has hit since returning from his injury, I’m fairly certain that there are not a lot of people out there who are still questioning whether Escobar should be out at third base most of the time. Walker did his part and if this is the Drew Smith from early in the season then our pen got a lot better. Day off and then we throw the house at the Braves with arguably the best trio of starting pitching on any single team. Can’t wait for Atlanta. LGM

  • TexasGusCC

    Watching SportsCenter right now, and they said after showing the highlights for Mets and Braves games that now the Braves need to sweep in order to avoid losing on the tiebreaker. My opinion is not to allow a possible letdown in the
    Nationals series and go after the Braves hard. JdG on Friday night on five days’ rest, Max on Saturday on five days rest and Bassitt on Sunday with extended rest after throwing more innings this year than any season in his career for the knockout.

    • Name

      The gain in a game today was huge because the Mets control their fate as long as they avoid a sweep now.

      If the Braves sweep the Mets, they essentially win the division because the Mets would need to sweep the Nats & Miami would need to sweep the Braves in order for the Mets to win the division.

      If the Braves win 2 of 3, the Mets would still be in the drivers seat. They would just need to win the same amount of games as the Braves in the final series and the Mets win the division.

      If the Mets win 2 of 3, then just 1 Met win or Braves loss in the final series means the Mets win the division.

      And if the Mets sweep, then they clinch the division.

      • TexasGusCC

        I like that last sentence, but expect 2 of 3. They have the guns to do it. This is what their rotation and backend bullpen was built for: specific series – ahem, playoff series.

        The Braves this year were saved by two rookies, Strider and Harris. Harris filled the second most important fielding position like an all-star and Strider became the ace of a team that will win at least 95 games. Those are hard to find and unexpected in rookies. The Mets aren’t as good if their Vogebach’s aren’t interested in taking one for the team. It was interesting that Vogelbach, who didn’t play, was the first one out to greet Lindor in the tenth inning. I wonder if he had some regret about the night before… I hope he did.

  • Metsense

    Good reaction Escobar , Escobar, Escobar !!! When the team couldn’t buy a hit, It was Escobar that carried the team to an important victory. It was a clutch performance. Ottavino, Diaz and Smith made it possible by their scoreless pitching. Smith’s stock when up. In his last three appearances he hasn’t given up a run, nor a walk with 3 strikeouts. Last night was a pressure filled outing and he was superb.
    September Pennant Baseball, such a joy to watch.
    The season is in their hands. Agony or Celebration. LGM

  • TexasGusCC

    From SNY:

    “It’s huge having a game lead going into a three-game series,” Wednesday’s starter Taijuan Walker said. “We have our three best pitchers going right now. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be a dogfight. … we know we have to take care of business and continue to do what we’ve been doing all year.”

    Showalter said the plan is to start Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer and Chris Bassitt in that order this weekend. Of course, the storm could change some things, but if that holds true the Mets will arguably have the advantage.

    From me:

    I cant believe Taijuan Walker said that. I don’t know if I could say that and humble myself so openly. Very admirable or just shocking, I have to think about it.

    • ChrisF

      I mean the things is you got 5 CY sitting 1 ans 2 and Bassitt is clearly better than either he or Carrasco…self effacing in reality. Good for him. Hes gonna have the best seat in the house for this playoff series before the playoffs even start!!

  • BoomBoom

    My 7 year old daughter was home sick from school and my wife was at work, so I was on duty. Whether it was because she didn’t have the energy to get off the couch or because she was legitimately enjoying herself, she watched nearly the entire game with me (live too). Well at least from the 3rd inning on when she woke up from a fever induced nap. In the past she’s watched an inning or two, but I’m usually fast forwarding through commercials and length mound visits, etc, since I typically watch the game after work, west coast time. So she’s never really experienced the tension that builds over the course of 3+hours. She finally got to see daddy at his most pennant-filled intensity and I think this was a pivotal moment for her as I try to create a Mets fan for life. It was so intense that she passed out again right after the celebration. LFGM!

    • AgingBull

      Love this anecdote BoomBoom! Reminds me of watching Mets games back in ’69 with my mom on the couch. Hooked me for life and here I am 53 years later.

  • Steve_S.

    Put up two plusses for Buck!

    When he brought in Drew Smith in the 10th inning, I had my doubts, but Buck and Jeremy Hefner know a lot more about their pitchers than I do. Smith was great! He looked like he did earlier in the season. And I liked the way he helped keep Berti close at 2B.

    And staying with Escobar—a guy with a track record—has paid giant dividends in the last month or so! He has turned the boos to cheers!

    Kudos to Buck!

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