We were all hoping for a Phillies-Astros World Series, right?

Actually, I probably have less regret over these two teams making it than most reading this. If the Padres made the World Series, we’d hear about how they went all-in at the deadline and it paid off with a World Series appearance, while the Mets did not and went home early. And the only thing worse than the Padres getting to the series and winning it all would be the Yankees.

No preference from me as to who wins. If the Phillies win, I’ll be happy for Bryce Harper, who’s a terrific player who people hate because … he has nice hair? If the Astros win, I’ll be happy for Dusty Baker, a terrific manager who makes a difference wherever he’s in the dugout. Yeah, yeah – I get it, he’s not the most advanced metrics friendly guy there is. But when it comes to a manager, my fealty is to winning games. I’ll take Baker over Tony LaRussa, 100 times out of 100, even if LaRussa has more credibility with the stat geeks. Or did he drink that credibility away?

8 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (10/26/22)

  • T.J.

    I’m rooting for Dusty and strongly prefer a non-NL east competitor to win the Series.

  • Paulc

    Let’s go Astros. A far better team and Verlander is a class act. Also, why make Philly a more attractive landing spot for free agents?

    Phillies in the World Series as the 6th seed (that is, bottom) is an embarrassment to the money grab known as the Wild Card Era. Two divisions with the two best teams playing for the pennant produced better teams in the WS.

  • TexasGusCC

    Living in Astros country, it’s hard not to be happy for my Astros fans friends. However, I also don’t care if the Phillies win, and yes I liked Harper too, he was my dark horse Mets hope two years ago, but at 13 years, I don’t know. This is why I’m making a plan that includes Soto in two years.

    Adam Wainwright just signed a deal for next year with St. Louis and I’m wondering where the Mets news is? Diaz, Nimmo, Jake, Walker, Bassitt, Corrasco, Lugo, Williams, May, Ottavino, Hunter (j/k), and even Joely… nothing yet?

  • Aging Bull

    The three teams I despise most of all were the last three standing. I’m all done with the ‘22 MLB season and eager for the hot stove to warm up. Now I can look forward to the cesspool of the Denver Broncos and the rebuilding San Antonio Spurs. Between the two teams, they might win 25 games.

    • TexasGusCC

      You really think Pops won’t be better than 21 wins?

  • ChrisF

    David Stearns has stepped down from POBO for the Brewers….

  • JamesTOB

    Brian, along with ChrisF, I’m curious, do you think the Mets will go after Stearns to replace Alderson now that he’s free of his contract?

    • Brian Joura

      Cohen, thru Eppler, said that the Mets weren’t searching for a PoBO this offseason. Stearns has said that he’s not leaving Milwaukee this season and plans to be some sort of consultant. He’s still under contract, meaning the Mets would have to offer something in exchange in order to get him. The most likely scenario is that nothing happens with Stearns/Mets this offseason.

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