How many times have you clicked on an article, regardless if it’s a sports article or a regular news piece, only to find that it’s behind a paywall? We know the frustration that involves. You just want to read that one particular article, not necessarily read everything at the site. Today we’re introducing a new feature at Mets360. Should you want to read an article but not want to buy a one-year or lifetime membership, you can get access to the site for 24 hours for $1.

With this introductory membership, you can read the story you want, plus hunt for other stories that sound interesting and see if a longer-term subscription would be worth your while.

There are a ton of Mets sites out there and you can find information on which free agents the Mets should sign or news about Buck Showalter winning Manager of the Year for free at about 50 different places.

And if that’s as far as your interest in the Mets goes, then you’re golden and don’t need to do anything additional.

But if you’re curious to go deeper and want to read and participate in an intelligent comments section, then maybe our little site is for you. Here are some recent stories that you won’t see in your ordinary blog about the Mets:

Everyone talks about the Mets building a stronger farm system but what does that really mean?
What are the results when you pull the ball and which Mets player needs to do it more?
In a year where the Mets could lose six impact free agents, who have been the toughest free agent losses in club history?
The GM decisions that led the Mets to Billy Eppler instead of Chaim Bloom
On the Mets’ alleged need to add more HR power to the offense

And a whole bunch more.

If you want to try the site for 24 hours, for just $1, go to this page –

There, you will click on “Make Payment,” which will take you to the secure PayPal network, where you’ll pay your dollar. When that’s done, there’s a three-question form that you’ll fill out at the link mentioned above. That will alert me to your interest in the site. Once I confirm that you’ve paid, I’ll do the work to get you set up so that you can access the site. We’ll communicate thru email, so you have to use a real email address. We do not sell your email to anyone.

The process is very easy. But it does require some minimal back-and-forth communications so please don’t expect things to be instant. Maybe one day we’ll be as big as ESPN and things will happen instantly. Regardless, the 24-hour window will not start until you have access.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you become a regular at the site!

One comment on “Try Mets360 for 24 hours for $1

  • Nym6986

    What a great idea Brian. But let me just say beware, because like the Lays potato chips ad “bet you can’t eat just one,” once you hop on board, you won’t want to stay away. LGM

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