The Mets had a chance to win a four-game series on the road. Instead, their pitchers gave up 10 runs to one of the worst offenses in the league and they ended up with a split, as they lost, 10-3, Monday afternoon in D.C.

David Peterson got another start but again was ineffective. He got hit hard early and then had some bloops and bleeders go against him later. The end result was 9 H and 6 ER in 5 IP, in which will likely be his last start in a while in the majors.

After falling behind in the first inning again, the Mets rallied to tie it in the second on an RBI single by Jeff McNeil. They proceeded to load the bases on a walk to Francisco Alvarez, bringing up Brandon Nimmo and the top of the order. But Alvarez was picked off first for the final out of the inning and that ended up being the last real chance for the Mets.

The Nats went on to score the next six innings they came to the plate, including three times where they put up crooked numbers. After Peterson exited the game, Tommy Hunter came out of the pen with his gasoline can. He allowed 4 ER in 3 IP, bringing his ERA to 7.00 for the season. We can see the writing on the wall for Peterson and his horrific 8.08 ERA. We should have the same certainty with Hunter being replaced, too.

The Mets had 11 hits in the game but only three runs. They were a respectable 2-7 with runners in scoring position but one of the hits did not drive in a run. One hidden thing, which was a problem earlier in the series, too, is that while the Mets did well getting hits, they didn’t really augment the offense with many other baserunners. They had just two walks and did not have any HBPs.

The schedule gets significantly harder, as the Mets head home to face off against the 31-11 Rays in a three-game set. Let’s hope the Mets play up to the level of competition, after being worse than their poor opponents the last two-plus weeks.

7 comments on “Gut Reaction: Nationals 10, Mets 3 (5/15/23)

  • BoomBoom

    I’d say nowhere to go but up, but I know that isn’t true. Need Verlander to play stopper tomorrow. And Vientos and Mauricio should both be on a train by morning with Pham DFA’d and Guillorme optioned. Vientos should be installed as the everyday DH for a month with Vogey on the bench. And Mauricio should start at 2b for the foreseeable future with Canha replacing Pham as the 4th OF and McNeil starting in left. There is really no reason not to at this point.

  • NYM6986

    Peterson clearly needs a ticket back to Syracuse as just when you think he will find his stuff he disappoints us all over again. Carrasco can’t get here soon enough. Almost hard to imagine having our top four pitchers actually able to pitch. Boom Boom, you and I are in sync on all those moves. We need some offense now.

  • MikeW

    What is interesting is that the Mets are only one game out of the current wild card standings. This may be a year where the third wild card team may have 83 or 84 wins.

    Still a long way to go.

    • ChrisF

      Sad considering the Spring hype

  • Steve_S.

    Game summary: Mets guilty of poor hitting, fielding, pitching, and base running.

    The Rays-Mets series should be interesting!

    Signing off for tonight.

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: it wears a team down psychologically when they give up runs in the first inning and then have to battle back in every game. Peterson pitched horribly and he needs to work out his problems in Syracuse. Marte, Canha and Escobar are quietly having a renaissance with their hitting. Marte was an integral part of the offense. Canha and Escobar are good veteran bench players. There is no reason not to promote Mauricio. To promote the well-deserving Vientos, then they would have to DFA Pham. That is not going to happen yet.
    This was another disappointing series.

  • AgingBull

    Just another poor showing from the Metskies. Brian’s comment about the lack of other base runners seems indicative of this season in general. Unlike last year, when the team worked counts, generated a ton of runners via walks and HPB, and seemed to have a gameplan in the first inning, this year’s model seems adrift. There seems to be a search for a scapegoat happening in the press and on social media, which isn’t surprising given the under-performance. What about the batting coach? Maybe Chavez needs to assert himself and put Barnes back in analysis. Pitching is a huge problem, but IMHO, Hefner has earned his bona fides. Can’t blame him for injuries or for Peterson crapping the bed all season. I can’t believe that I am looking forward to Carrasco’s return.

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