The Mets’ five-game winning streak came to an end Tuesday night in Chicago, as the Mets came out flat and played uninspired ball in a 7-2 loss to the Cubs.

* Tylor Megill started for the Mets and it was not a good effort. He was betrayed some by his defense but whenever you give up 2 HR in 3.2 IP you’ve got to look in the mirror.

* Brandon Nimmo had three hits and Pete Alonso homered and the Mets lost by five.

* Starling Marte returned to earth with an 0-4, including another terrible swing on a strikeout in the ninth inning.

* Gary Sanchez allowed a passed ball, didn’t catch a foul pop and saw his pitchers charged with two wild pitches. He was as bad defensively as Francisco Alvarez was alleged to be.

2 comments on “Gut Reaction: Cubs 7, Mets 2 (5/23/23)

  • NYM6986

    What a disappointing game. After looking so good in his last start, Megill stunk up the joint again. Facing a lefty, Alvarez should have been in the starting lineup. Vientos did nothing at DH but he’s only had 13 AB since coming up. You need to give him a week straight at the position and forget the platoon. Vogelbach, my 2022 whipping boy, nearly hits one out but a single, that is much more in his wheelhouse, was what we needed to bring in another run and move the runners up. Nice play by Escobar but it was Lindor’s ball and he got hurt after making the throw. Here comes my broken record – Need to bring up Mauricio and put him at second and shift McNeil to an OF corner spot. Nice game by Nimmo and Pete crashes another HR. Onto Senga for tomorrow. Thankfully the Braves and Phillies went down.

  • Metsense

    Gut reaction: Megill didn’t have it last night. He’s a typical fifth starter. In today’s game, a 5th starter usually gives up three earned runs a start. Megill has 10 starts and he only gave up more than three earn runs in two of them. It’s disappointing but it’s also expected.
    What is also expected is that Sanchez is defensively challenged and we saw that last night. I think they rested Alvarez because he was hit in the head with a bat on Sunday’s game.
    Escobar and Pham had 33% on the hits. Escobar had a terrific play and Pham dropped a ball. Marte didn’t contribute.

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