From September 15-22, I got to spend one week at Los Angeles for family vacation. As a baseball fan, one of the things that I did in LA, was to check out a baseball game for both the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was my first time going to both Angels and Dodgers Stadium, so i was looking forward to my first experience at both ballparks.

The first thing I did in LA, was go to the Angels game at Angels Stadium. There were some outside attractions in front of the main entrance. There were pictures of some of the current Angels players, including of course their main stars in Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. Also seen, was a huge Angels helmet, where fans went to take photos of themselves in front of the red helmet. It was Mike Trout Bobblehead day, so got to get a Trout bobblehead while walking in.

Once we went inside in the field level, there were more attractions ahead. The Angels unveiled of their history, especially their lone World Series title in 2002. Got to see their trophy and highlights from that year. On a separate wall, were other Angels postseason memories. And as expected, there were many Trout and Ohtani pictures and memorabilia of theirs.

There was good amount of food options at Angels Stadium. It definitely wasn’t like Citi Field (nothing is). But they had some good options to choose from. Had shredded rotisserie chicken with salad.

As far as the game atmosphere, it was a nice fan/family atmosphere. This was despite the Angels getting blown out 11-1 to the Detroit Tigers, and Ohtani and Trout not playing.

The last thing I did in LA, was of course another baseball game. This time at the historical Dodgers Stadium. Getting there was a little pain in the neck. First, there was the traffic. Took the Uber and the driver had to drive us off before getting to the parking lot. So getting there to the front of the stadium, took some time.

Security was a little tighter, walking in. They don’t allow most bags inside, just the small tote bag like ones.

Inside, the stadium had an older feel, being one of the oldest stadiums in baseball. There were many Dodger memorabilia, not just the ones in LA but also when they were formerly in Brooklyn. On the field level, there were Dodger blue and yellow seats that people can briefly sit on, and plaques of some of Dodger greats. On the upper-level side, there were plaques of names of all Dodgers All Stars. Each position had a separate plaque.

Food wise, there were options, but the Dodger Dogs were clearly the most popular one, so I tried on. It’s the longest hot dog that you’ll probably ever eat and it had a beef frank like taste, which tasted good.

Game atmosphere, compared to Angels Stadium, Dodgers Stadium was louder with more energy. Maybe it helped that the Dodgers are a much better team and that they were playing their biggest rival in the San Francisco Giants. But the fans were in it at every two-strike count, as if it was a playoff game. So it was a nice and energetic place to watch a game.

Overall, had a very nice baseball experience in both Angels and Dodgers Stadium. Neither of them can match Citi Field in terms of the stadium’s outlook both inside and outside, and also the food as well. But Angels Stadium had a comfortable fan/family feel, especially while a watching a game. Dodgers Stadium had a lot of history and the fans had a more passionate feel while watching a ball game.

Both LA stadiums were nice and where baseball fans can have more good baseball experiences at.

4 comments on “My experiences at Angel and Dodger Stadiums

  • TexasGusCC

    Thank you for the detailing the experience. David, the one thing that goes through my mind lately is that more than any other stadium, there seem to be bloody altercations at Dodger Stadium a little too often and you don’t hear about those anywhere else. Can you understand why? How is the element there?

  • David_Hong

    It wasn’t than bad considering it was against the Giants. I know there some incidents in the past, like that Giants fan who was beaten on Opening Day in the parking lot a little more than 10 years ago. I know Dodgers fans can be intense, but there were no incidents. I actually talked with one Dodgers fan and he was cool.

  • ChrisF

    Gus, Re: altercations. The Giants v Dodgers is really out of control. People take it to a level of serious that ends in bad places, for reasons that defy reason. Its baseball. Add the tension of traffic, stadium being packed full, endless heat, crazy cost of everything, and lots of booze. Its a bad mix. SoCal and NorCal dont mix. Angelinos call SF Oregon, and if youre from the Bay Area, LA is Mexico!

    I used to live about 10 min from Anaheim Stadium back in the old days, Frank Tanana, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, Brian Downing, Bobby Grich!

  • T.J.

    David, nice article, thanks for sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip. I had the occasion to see the Mets in San Diego several years back, and Petco was a good time.

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