It’s weird how close the surface numbers are for Brandon Nimmo in 2022 and 2023.

22 – 151 G, 673 PA, 580 ABs, 102 R, 159 H, 30 2B, 7 3B, 16 HR, 64 RBIs, 3 SB, 71 BB, .274/.367/.433, 130 OPS+
23 – 149 G, 671 PA, 582 ABs, 87 R, 158 H, 29 2B, 6 3B, 24 HR, 66 RBIs, 3 SB, 73 BB, .271/.361/.466, 126 OPS+

He has eight more homers this year but 15 fewer runs scored, an indication of how the guys behind him aren’t doing the job that they did a season ago. Also, he has an OPS 27 points higher than in ’22 but an OPS+ four points lower. The run environment last year was 4.28 runs per game and this year it’s 4.63 rpg. And the average OPS last year was .706 while this year it’s .735 with a handful of games to go. It’s an easier offensive environment here in 2023.

Perhaps the nicest thing is that this is the first time in Nimmo’s MLB career where he’s been healthy in back-to-back years. Perhaps people will stop thinking that he’s injury-prone now.


With Tuesday night’s game being postponed, the Mets will play a doubleheader on Wednesday, with the first game scheduled for 4:10 p.m.

5 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (9/27/23)

  • T.J.

    It’s hard not to think of Lucchesi as one of the 2024 rotation pieces at this point.

  • ChrisF

    The Stearns era begins. In some respects, the Cohen era really begins. He’s wanted a PBO and Stears in particular for some time. Cohen has been repairing the material infrastructure things at a mad pace, and now finally he will get what he needs: to rebuild the human infrastructure. It strikes me that Cohen is now going to build the Mets organization as he envisions it.

    Im excited for it. I want success to be sure, but I also wnat to see a continually better product with the hope it leads to more wins. It’ll still take time. But the team was so rotten when Cohen bought it that we need to accept turning it around is like turning a cruise liner: neither fast nor sharp.

    Im happier than in some time to be a Mets fan. I really feel like the people in charge want to make a winning product. Its all any fan can hope for.

  • Mike W

    It will be interesting to see how Stearns will perform now that he has a big wallet. He was really successful in Milwaukee and I think he will be successful here. I have a feeling that he will make some surprising trades. I for one, would like to see him swing a deal with San Diego. San Diego wants to shed payroll. Soto and Musgrove make $ 43 million a year. I would like to see a trade for Soto and Musgrove. Soto is only 24 years old and Musgrove is a really solid starter. He got Yelich, so let’s see if he can do this. San Diego might do it if we take Darvish in the deal. That may be a show stopper for Stearns.

    I’ll tell you what, even though 2023 stunk I am really happy that we have Stearns. He is young, bright and highly competent.

  • JimO

    Couple things: 1) Joe Christopher passed away on Tuesday – Mets outfielder in the early 60’s – good hitter and not so good fielder – best known for wiggling his ears for the fans.
    2) How great would it be to get Craig Counsell as our new manger?

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks for the update on Christopher. It seems like a too-frequent thing for these guys who played for the Mets in the 60s to be passing away

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